Mined Land Wildlife Area Fishing Information

Mined Land Wildlife Area Map
This Location does have Boat Access
Trout Lake
Surface Acres:
1,500 acres of water. More than 1,000 unique previously strip-mined lakes up to 50 acres in size.
Maximum Depth:
Each pit contains different depths. However, depths reaching 60 ft, such as the "Trout Pit" on Unit #30, are not uncommon.
Normal Lake Level:
Current Lake Level:

Nearby towns include Cherokee, Columbus, Oswego, Pittsburg, Scammon and West Mineral

Cherokee, Crawford, Neosho & Labette Counties

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Mined Land Wildlife Area Office (Public Lands & Fisheries Biologist), 620-231-3173

Mined Land Wildlife Area

The Mined Land Wildlife Area is one of the most unique areas to fish in the state. Located in the southeast portion of Kansas, there are more than 1,000 unique previously strip-mined lakes that range in size from 0.5 acre to 50 acres. Depending on the method of how they were mined, strip pits vary in depth from shallow to deep with steep sided banks. The "Trout Pit" on Unit #30 was one of the first strip pits that was mined by Big Brutus. This pit has depths up to 60 ft deep. Another unique quality of the strip pits is the water clarity. Some pits have extremely clear water and clarity reaches up to 10 to even 15 feet. There are boat ramps located on selected strip pits. However, there are a few that are less accessible. Small watercraft and kayak anglers would find that the area is premiere for exploring pits that may not receive as much fishing pressure. Largemouth Bass, crappie, channel catfish, rainbow trout, brown trout, redear sunfish, bluegill, wiper, walleye, spotted bass, spotted gar... These are the main species that can be found inhabiting the strip pits.

NEW FOR 2022 -- A trout permit is required for all anglers fishing the "Trout Pit" on Unit #30 during the trout season November 1 through April 15. A trout permit is no longer required to fish the "Trout Pit" on Unit #30 from April 16 through October 31. You may still trout fish from April 16 through October 31 at the "Trout Pit" without a trout permit, but the limit of 5 trout a day and 15 in possession is still active. 

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