Furharvester Licenses and Fees


A furharvester license is required to hunt, trap, or pursue (run) furbearers, or to sell their pelts unless exempt by Kansas law. A furharvester license is required to trap coyotes, and a hunting license is required to hunt them. The same license required to take coyotes is required to sell their pelts. Unlicensed, non-participating observers may accompany a licensed furharvester but may not assist in carrying or using equipment, controlling dogs, or otherwise assisting with furharvesting activities.

Persons under 16 years old may purchase a junior furharvester license at a discounted price.

Persons born on or after July 1, 1966 must complete the course before harvesting furbearers in the state on lands other than their own.

Furharvester: All Resident Furharvester Licenses can be purchased online or at any licensed agent.

  • Resident Furharvester: $27.50
  • Resident Junior Furharvester: $15.00
  • Nonresident Furharvester: $252.50

Fur Dealer Permits and Lifetime may only be purchased at the Pratt Operations Office .

Resident Fur Dealer: $102.50

Nonresident Fur Dealer: $402.50

Lifetime Furharvester (Resident only): $502.50