Help the department encourage travel to destinations and attractions in Kansas

Tourism is big business in Kansas. In terms of jobs, it is the states’ third largest industry and generates nearly 15 percent of all state and local tax revenue. In 2011, Governor Sam Brownback joined the state’s tourism program with its outdoor recreation program to form the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism – elevating the role of tourism in the state to the level it deserves. The Travel and Tourism Fund is focused on encouraging the traveling public to visit and travel in Kansas by promoting and developing the recreational, historic, and natural advantages of the state and its facilities.

Make an unrestricted donation to the Travel and Tourism Fund to be used for any program or project in the Fund that the department views as a priority. You also may dedicate your gift to be spread across a selection of two or more programs or projects of your choice.

Kansas Byways Program

Make an unrestricted donation to the state’s Byways Program to help fund a worthy project of the department’s choosing along one or more of Kansas’ 11 byways. Or, you can choose to support one or more of the following byways: 

  • Glacial Hills Scenic Byway
  • Frontier Military Historic Byway
  • Kansas Historic Route 66 Byway
  • Flint Hills National Scenic Byway
  • Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway
  • Native Stone Scenic Byway
  • Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway
  • Prairie Trail Scenic Byway
  • Post Rock Scenic Byway
  • Smoky Valley Scenic Byway
  • Western Vistas Historic Byway

How Your Donation May Be Used

Education programming, planning, interpretation, publications and displays, overlooks, signs and markers

Travel Promotion Program

Make an unrestricted donation to the program to help fund a worthy travel promotion project of the department’s choosing. Or, you may support a planned or established Rural Tourism or General Tourism project.

How Your Donation May Be Used

Promotional campaigns, education and public awareness, materials, publications and displays

Attraction Development Program (Unrestricted)

Your unrestricted donation to the Attraction Development Program will help the department provide strategic economic assistance to public and private entities and not-for-profit groups develop tourism attractions that serve the mission of the Attraction Development Grant program and the department. 

Kansas! Magazine Program (Unrestricted)

Your unrestricted donation to Kansas! magazine will help the department pay for outstanding photography, freelance writers and illustrators, distribution to special audiences, and contests.


To donate to the Travel & Tourism Fund, send your check or money order to:

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
512 SE 25th Ave.,
Pratt, KS 67124-8174
or call 620-672-5911 for more information