WildTrust was created by state statute to receive charitable gifts to help the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks accomplish many important activities that may not be fully funded by other means. When you donate to WildTrust, you can support conservation, outdoor recreation or tourism programs that fit your interests and help the department fulfill its mission.


An unrestricted gift allows the department to devote your donation to the programs or projects that best address the needs of the public and the agency. You also may dedicate your gift to a variety of funds, programs or projects.

  • WildTrust Unrestricted – gifts used to support any of a variety of activities in WildTrust. Gives KDWP staff the widest range of options for using a gift where it is needed most.
  • Field of Interest Funds – donations used to support any of a variety of Programs or Projects in a designated Field of Interest
  • Programs – monies designated for any of a variety of Projects within a Program
  • Projects – gifts for a discrete project, location, or activity within a Program
  • Memorial or Honorary Accounts – named accounts within WildTrust, a Field of Interest Fund, Program or Project established to honor a significant person.The minimum gift to establish a named account is $10,000.  

WildTrust Unrestricted Fund

State Parks, Trails, Historic & Natural Sites Fund

Outdoor Skills & Ethics Fund

Law Enforcement Fund (Unrestricted)

Habitat Improvement & Restoration Fund

Wildlife Conservation & Nature Appreciation Fund

Travel & Tourism Fund


WildTrust welcomes contributions from anyone interested in supporting our mission, including: 

  • Individuals
  • Families and friends
  • Businesses
  • Organizations and foundations
  • Trusts and estates

WildTrust can accept contributions in the following forms: 

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Bequests
  • Life insurance
  • Honorariums – donations to celebrate a loved one, friend or occasion – perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more
  • Memorials – gifts in memory of a deceased loved one or friend
  • Personal property, materials and supplies
  • Services

Land donations are handled through the department’s "Leave a Legacy" land donation program. See the "Leave a Legacy" program for more information.

WildTrust is unable to establish charitable remainder trusts or charitable gift annuities.


KDWP appreciates any contribution you make to WildTrust. In some cases, donors may contribute an amount that may not be enough to fully address the need for which it is designated. To leverage your gift for a meaningful outcome and have useful amounts in any fund, KDWP reserves the right to combine smaller contributions into larger pools as needed. We will make every effort to use your gift within the Program or Field of Interest for which it was intended.           

We think you’ll find that our array of funds and programs will more than fit your needs. If you would like to contribute for a purpose other than those listed, please contact the WildTrust administrator to determine if we can accept your offer. KDWP is not able to create Programs or Projects if the proposed gift does not address our needs, is insufficient to fund meaningful activities, is too unusual or restrictive, or does not address the agency’s mission.


We would be pleased to recognize your generosity in one of two ways, depending on the amount or value of the contribution. 

  • Memorial and recognition plaques may be affixed to a property, facility, or durable item when the contribution is sufficient to fund at least 75 percent of the total cost.
  • Naming properties or facilities for a donor may be considered at the discretion of the Secretary if the Secretary determines the value of the contribution represents a significant, noteworthy contribution toward the total cost of the property or facility.    

To donate with your check or money order, or for more information about WildTrust opportunities, contact:

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks 
512 SE 25th Ave.,
Pratt, KS 67124-8174
(620) 672-5911