Help the department address its most pressing needs

We’ve all been there – what once was a steadfast goal has slowly, but surely, taken a backseat to the ever-evolving nature of life. Unforeseen events occur, needs arise, priorities diminish and we have to “reshuffle the deck.” While the department does its best to plan for the future, plans must be flexible enough for the department to adapt to change. Your unrestricted gift to the WildTrust Fund – instead of a specific fund, program or project within WildTrust – allows the department to devote your donation to the programs or projects that best address the needs of the public and the agency. 

You also may dedicate your gift to be spread across a specific selection of three or more funds, programs or projects of your choice.


To donate to the WildTrust Unrestricted Fund, send your check or money order to:

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
512 SE 25th Ave.,
Pratt, KS 67124-8174
or call 620-672-5911 for more information