Hillsdale Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl Numbers

The Hillsdale Wildlife Area has experienced a relatively dry year in regards to water levels in 2022.  The reservoir currently sits 1/2 foot below conservation pool.  We have had some successful moist soil vegetation growth in all wetland pools this year.  Japanese millet, proso millet, and golden millet were all planted in all of the wetland pools and are doing well.  Strips of milo were also planted in Brown's wetland especially in the upper reaches as well as Antioch Marsh.  On top of the agriculture, there has been plenty of production from moist soil vegetation throughout all of the pools.  Pumping efforts were successful in covering most of each marsh pool with huntable water.  Rains over the last month have brought marsh levels to a near maximum level.                      

Waterfowl counts given on this report are based on what was observed on the day the report is updated. Waterfowl numbers vary greatly from day to day and weather conditions and hunting pressure will affect the numbers of waterfowl on the area.

This week has been warm for the season with some highs in the upper 50's. Some rain, snow and cold wind has moved into the area and temperature look to be cool with possible snow in the coming days.  There is currently no ice on any of the marsh pools and the lake is all open. The most recent survey showed mostly mallards and canada geese in the area.  groups of 50-250 mallards were counted on all marsh pools.  Groups of 20-200 canada geese were also counted using all of the marsh pools.  There are still ducks and geese using the main body of the lake, and most of them are using the coves to stay protected from the wind. Groups of 100-200 goldeneye were also counted on the main body of the lake.  6 tundra swans were seen using Brown's wetland this week, so hunters should be aware and be sure of their target.                                                    

Water Level

Antioch Wetland - Full

Browns Wetland, Upper pool - Full

Browns Wetland, Lower pool - Full

Youth-Mentor Wetland - Full

Wade Branch Wetlands - North 1/2, South 1/4

Hillsdale Lake - See Army Corps Daily Report

ICE CONDITION - 0% ice cover on lake.  0% ice cover on wetlands


Reminder - check-in / check-out is required for all hunting on Hillsdale Wildlife Area. This can be done here, https://ksoutdoors.com/checkin using your licensing login credentials. The information and harvest data collected, along with comments received are very useful in establishing future management goals for the Hillsdale State Wildlife Area.

https://www.ksoutdoors.com/Hunting/Migratory-Birds/Ducks for more information on seasons and limits.