Hillsdale Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl Numbers

The Hillsdale Wildlife Area has experienced a normal year in regards to water levels in 2021.  The reservoir currently sits at conservation pool.  We have had some successful moist soil vegetation growth in all wetland pools this year.  Japanese millet was also planted along side some milo in the Youth-Mentor Wetland and Antioch Wetland.  The upper reaches of Brown's Wetland were planted into Japanese Millet. A fair amount of seed has been produced which should make good forage and cover for waterfowl this season.  Water levels began being brought down on 3/21/2022.  They will continue to be brought down slowly throughout the spring and into the growing season.  The youth-mentor wetland has been drained to near-completion to prepare for dike repairs.            

Waterfowl counts given on this report are based on what was observed on the day the report is updated. Waterfowl numbers vary greatly from day to day and weather conditions and hunting pressure will affect the numbers of waterfowl on the area.

The weather has been warm throughout the week with rains moving in.  The large numbers of mallards and pintails have moved out of the area.  There are now large groups of northern shovelers, blue-winged teal, and coots using the wetland pools.  There are starting to be large dark geese forming pairs in the marshes and along the lake shore.                                   

Water Level

Antioch Wetland - Full and draining slowly

Browns Wetland, Upper pool - Full and draining slowly

Browns Wetland, Lower pool - Full and draining slowly

Youth-Mentor Wetland - 1/6

Wade Branch Wetlands - Full,  Full

Hillsdale Lake - See Army Corps Daily Report

ICE CONDITION - 0% ice cover on lake.  0% ice cover on wetlands


Reminder - an electronic permit/sign-in on Isportsman is required for all hunting on Hillsdale Wildlife Area. All hunters (youth included) must register online and create an individual account.  Hunters can then check in using the I-sportsman system from any phone or internet device. This can be done immediately before the hunt or the night before the hunt.  The information and harvest data collected, along with comments received are very useful in establishing future management goals for the Hillsdale State Wildlife Area.

https://www.ksoutdoors.com/Hunting/Migratory-Birds/Ducks for more information on seasons and limits.