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Due to construction crews working on water control structures, some wildlife area roads will be closed for 3-5 days at a time.  Road closed signs will be placed to notify visitors of the closures.

New regulations go into effect this fall.  As in the past, Pool 3A is closed to motorized boats.  Pool 4A closes to motorized boats at 1 p.m.  This means all boats with a motor on them must be out of the water in 4A at 1 p.m.  No running the motor out in 4A and then attempting just to row back after that.  All boats must be operated at no wake speeds.  No boats, motorized or not, are prohibited from April 15 - August 15 to protect nesting birds on the wildlife area. 

A lot of work has been completed in the last year.  All electric pumps have been replaced.  Over 25,000 cubic yards of silt have been removed.  The Mitigation Marsh was scraped out 6-8" to make it a more functioning wetland.  Work is progressing on the new office, shop, and campground expansion.  A contractor is on sight replacing the drop structure (spillway).  Unfortunately, this means we will not be able to divert water for an extended period of time.  The storage pools were filled prior to the work.  Hopefully, water will be able to be diverted prior to the Fall of 2021.  Another contractor is on site working on water control structures.  Future work includes adding large propane pumps to the west hub to better facilitate water movement in Pool 2 and 5.  Also the current propane engines on the east side will be removed.

Hunters can check-in / check-out here, using your licensing login credentials. 

Visit the Kansas Wetlands Education Center at Cheyenne Bottoms. They have educational exhibits directed at describing the role wetlands play in the natural world with a focus on Cheyenne Bottoms. Find out the wide variety of wetlands found in Kansas, you may be surprised at the diversity in this grassland state. Their location is in the southeast portion of Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area along Kansas Highway 156. Their hours are Monday through Saturday 9 to 5, Sunday 1 to 5. They are closed Mondays from November 1 through March 31.  The phone number is 620-566-1456.