Cheyenne Bottoms Hunting Information

Hunting at Cheyenne Bottoms

Headed out for an afternoon hunt

Hunting pressure on the Bottoms can be heavy during waterfowl season, particularly on weekends. Hunters planning trips to the Bottoms should consider weekday hunts.

Prior to hunting any species on Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area, hunters are required to use iSportsman, the electronic Daily Hunt Permit.  First time users will need to register and obtain a General Access Permit.  Registration can be done any time prior to the first hunt by logging on to click registration.  Once you have obtained the General Access Permit you can log in from a computer or smart phone or call 1-844-500-0825 to 'check-in'.  Once checked in you are ready to hunt.  After you are done hunting for the day, 'check-out' the same way.

Pools 1, 5 and a portion of Pool 2 are refuge areas and closed to all activities. Exceptions to this occur for some special hunts. Check with wildlife area personnel for more information.

In addition to waterfowl, other game may be legally taken at Cheyenne Bottoms. Pheasant hunting is usually good. Snipe and rail hunting is good along the shallow marsh margins. Quail and deer are also present in fair numbers.

A handicapped accessible hunting/photo blind is available by reservation. Call the office for additional information and reservations.

In the event of whooping crane activity, the pool the birds are in is closed to all hunting and the goose hunting zones are closed to crane and light goose hunting.

Motorized boats are allowed only during an open waterfowl season.  All boats must be operated at no wake speeds.  Pool 3A is closed to motorized boats.  Pool 4A is closes to motorized boats at 1 p.m.

Upland Bird Forecast

Cheyenne Bottoms Birds (PDF 278.15 kB)