Free Park Entrance Days, other events highlight month Each month, Kansas state parks conduct special events, some in conjunction with Free Park Entrance Days, some to celebrate a special historical event or geological attribute of an individual park, and others just for entertainment. Each park sets its own dates for these events, including ... Read More

Twenty accidents in 2005, none fatal The number of reported hunting accidents in Kansas dropped to 20 in 2005, down from 26 reported in 2004, according to a Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) Hunter Education Section report. There were no fatalities although there were several very serious incidents. Swinging on game, and its sub ... Read More

As water warms, walleye fishing heats up As table fare, walleye are at the top of most anglers' lists. They are not only tasty, but they grow large enough that a few fish can provide a family meal. (The state record walleye is more than 13 pounds.) Right now, as the water -- and the air -- warms up, is the best time to catch them. Walleye mo ... Read More

Deadline July 1 Landowners interested in the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks’ Walk-In Hunting Access Program (WIHA) are reminded that the deadline for enrollment is July 1. The WIHA program, which began in 1995, grew to a million acres in 99 counties in 2005. Almost anyone who owns, leases, or manages 80 contiguous acres of land with ... Read More

Kansas Dept. of Wildlife & Parks will be selling,by public auction the vehicles and other equipment listed below. The auction, beginning at 10:00 AM on June 10, 2006, will be conducted by Carlson Auction Services of Topeka. The Auction will be held at Milford Fish Hatchery, 3100 Hatchery Drive, Junction City, KS ( located east of and below ... Read More

Cost-share program funds local landowners’ forestry practices along streams in the Marais des Cygnes River Basin The Marais des Cygnes Forestry Initiative is a combined effort of the Lake Region Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D), the Hillsdale Water Quality Project (HWQP), and the Kansas Forest Service (KFS) designed to promo ... Read More

No fishing license required June 3-4, time to explore a great sport To coincide with National Boating and Fishing Week, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has announced that June 3-4 will be 2006 Free Fishing Days. One of the best outdoor entertainment bargains in the state, these two days give both novice and seasoned anglers a cha ... Read More

Actress Jane Seymour honorary chairpers The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has announced that award-winning actress Jane Seymour will serve as honorary chairperson of the sixth annual National Fishing and Boating Week, June 3-11. While Seymour is well-known for her parts on stage and screen, few people know that she is al ... Read More

Competition turkey target shooting contest open to National Wild Turkey Federation members; on-site membership available The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) will sponsor a turkey target shooting competition June 10th at Tuttle Creek State Park's Fancy Creek Range. In the competition, participants purchase one-shot chances to place the ... Read More

Registration forms now available for Sept. 22 - 24 event The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program is designed to provide women a chance to learn about the outdoors and outdoor recreation in a friendly, non-threatening environment. During the three-day workshop at Rock Springs 4-H Center, volunteer instructors teach participants a variety of sk ... Read More

Ephemeral wetlands critical to Ogallala Aquifer recharge
Playa lakes, sometimes referred to as buffalo wallows or lagoons, are naturally-occurring depressions in western Kansas and other parts of the Great Plains. Many landowners often see them as wet spots that flood crops from year to year, often producing little or no yield. Landowners m ... Read More

May 21 safe boating course, vessel safety check planned at Hillsdale State Park
HILLSDALE STATE PARK -- Safe boating saves lives, and to help get National Safe Boating Week (May 20 - 26) started off right, Jayhawk Marina at Hillsdale State Park is offering a Safe Boating course on Sunday, May 21. As an additional service to boaters, the Kan ... Read More

Trash, altercations, vandalism among reasons cited
The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) has announced that it has banned all alcohol -- including 3.2 percent malt beverages -- from state fishing lakes in many parts of the state. Intoxicated drivers, trash, vandalism, fights, rowdy parties that disturb other lake users, and lac ... Read More

KDWP, KSU join collaborative project to be conducted in Flint Hills WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A pair of Kansas State University researchers will lead a scientific inquiry in the Flint Hills to evaluate the effects of wind power development on prairie chickens. The National Wind Coordinating Committee (NWCC) Wildlife Workgroup has announced a four ... Read More

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is conducting a series of public meetings on several recommended fishing regulation changes. Among those recommendations is a proposal to develop a program to accommodate weigh-in bass tournament participants. The recommendation features a variety of provisions aimed at protecting the state's bass re ... Read More

Fishing Tournament Registration and Tournament Bass Pass
Background Length limits over 15 inches on largemouth and smallmouth bass have made it difficult for tournament organizers to hold weigh-in tournaments where the best angler wins. For example, the tournament participant who catches one large fish has an advantage over the tournament ... Read More

Three meetings left, including Topeka, Kansas City, and Junction City The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks staff has been conducting a series of public meetings around the state this spring to describe and hear comments on several fishing regulation changes under consideration. The meetings also include discussion of several fishing- ... Read More

When it come to freshwater fish that make the best table fare, white crappie are near the top of everyone's list. The best time to catch crappie is during the spawning season, usually late April through May. For many anglers, this is their favorite time of year, when crappie move into shallow water to spawn and may be caught from a boat or by ... Read More

June 11-16 event covers naturalist studies, fishing, shooting sports, and more
Kansas youngsters who are 10 to 12 years of age and who enjoy the outdoors should make plans to attend the Outdoor Adventure Camp (OAC), held annually at the Camp WaShunGa area of Rock Springs 4-H Center, near Junction City. This year's event runs Sunday, June 11 ... Read More