Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks manages fields just for dove huntersPRATT — The Sept. 1 opening of dove season is fast approaching. While a blistering summer may have punished crops and people, mourning doves seem to thrive in hot, dry weather. Reports from many parts of the state suggest ample numbers of this elusive, fast-flying quar ... Read More

Atlas locates all Walk-In Hunting Access areas and public wildlife areasPRATT — Want hunting access to one million acres of private land? The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) provides just that and more in the 2011 Kansas Hunting Atlas. This essential hunting tool includes maps showing locations of Walk-In Hunting Acces ... Read More

Lake open to public salvage before work beginsGRIDLEY — Over the past few years, Gridley City Lake has diminished from one of the best small fishing lakes in Kansas to a poor-quality lake with a high number of large carp competing with the game fish and spoiling the water quality. Now, the city of Gridley — with the help of Coffey County, the ... Read More

Publication online Aug. 12; printed copies available in early SeptemberPRATT — Printed copies of the 2011 Kansas Hunting & Furharvesting Regulations Summary will be available at Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) offices and license vendors around the state about Sept. 1, but hunters can view or download the summary b ... Read More