Environmental Reviews

KDWP's Ecological Services Section provides timely professional reviews of proposed development projects with special emphasis on threatened and endangered species protection. Major strategies for project reviews are to address environmental concerns during the earliest stages of project planning and to use the latest technology and scientific information in developing sound environmental recommendations. Actions requiring a review are any that involve public funds, government assistance, require another state or federal permit, or potentially affect a current listed species or its critical habitat.

Publicly-funded Projects: In accordance with the Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act, an environmental review is required for all projects that are partially or entirely funded with public monies or receive governmental assistance.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Notice of Intent (NOI): The KDHE requires applicants to identify whether the project will impact T&E species. Applicants can check the county lists of T&E species and designated critical habitats to make this determination or they can submit the project to KDWP for environmental review. 

Projects requiring Division of Water Resources or Corps of Engineers permits: In accordance with the Water Projects Environmental Coordination Act [82a-325-327], KDWP is required to provide comments on projects applying for a Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources permit. In addition, KDWP provides comments to the Corps of Engineers on all public notices posted for Section 404 permits. Applicants may wish to submit their project for environmental review beforehand so that potential concerns with T&E species and wildlife habitat can be addressed prior to submitting applications to these other agencies.

For all other projects: The project sponsor should check the county lists of T&E species and designated critical habitats and submit the project for review if potential impacts to a current listed species or its critical habitat may occur.
What is needed for an environmental review? 

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