Southwest Region Trout Stocking Schedule

Southwest Region Trout Stocking Schedule for 2021-2022

Department-owned Waters - Trout Stockings by KDWPT 

Southwest Region Meade State
Fishing Lake
Scott State Park
Barrel Springs 
Grassland Pits
Centennial Pond

Garden City 

Finney Co.

Wildwood Park

1st  Stocking  October 29 October 28 October 29 October 29 Dry 
2nd  Stocking        November 23   November 23 November 23 Fish will be 
3rd  Stocking             Stocked in Dodge City 
4th  Stocking               Lake Charles
5th Stocking          
6th  Stocking          
Total Estimated Trout Stocked for 2021-22 Season  9,800 trout 7,200 trout 5,100 trout 4,300 trout 4,200 trout

Community Lake Stockings - Please contact local city offices for dates of stockings if not listed below

Southwest Region Great Bend
Vets Park
Dodge City
Lake Charles
Sam's Pond
 1st   Stocking   November 15 October 29  
 2nd  Stocking    November 23  
 3rd  Stocking      
 4th  Stocking       
Total Estimated Trout Stocked for 2021-22 Season  3,400 1,700 1,000