Ottawa State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Largemouth Bass Fair to Good 1-4 pounds Bass fishing will be best during the cooler parts of the day early and late.  Fishing with topwater baits around catttails and other woody structures might be your best bet.  Plastic baits and Ned rigs should also work well throughout the day for catching some bass.
Bluegill Fair to Good 4 to 6 Inches Look for bluegill around the rocks on the piers and around any brush in the water. Worms and small jigs are a good bet.  These guys can be caught throughout the year using a variety of techniques.  Some anglers prefer to fly fish with small nymphys or dry flies fished on the surface.
Channel Catfish Good 12-25 inches If there is any inflow, catfish will normally congregate there to feed.  Shad sides, shad gizzards, shrimp, and chicken livers are all good baits to try for catfish.  Fishing in the evening and after dark may yield the best results. There are normally a lot of catfish around the outlet area near the dam throughout the summer.
Saugeye Fair 12-24 inches Anglers generally find saugeye lakewide this time of year, but there may be better concentrations along the dam and the creek channel in deeper water during the day.  Fishing off the jetties could also be productive using jig and crawler or jig and minnow combinations.  Casting a variety of crankbaits and swim baits can also yield some saugeye.  When the wind is blowing, the saugeye will often follow the shad into the windblown points, banks, and jetties.
Crappie Fair Most 8-12 inches The crappie spawn is over and the fish will likely be found around the main lake brush piles.  Anglers should try using minnows and jigs tipped with minnows for best results. There are some very nice crappie in the lake right now!
General Comments

Water temperature: 85ºF

We will be running a creel survey at Ottawa State Fishing Lake this year.  If you are stopped by the creel clerk, he will simply ask you a few questions about your trip.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will help us to better manage the fishery in the future.


The cabin can now be rented - call the Hays Regional Office - 785-628-8614 - for reservations or more information.