Hillsdale Wildlife Area News

Hillsdale Wildlife Area News

iSportsman - Required

Hunters and trappers must check-in using iSportsman prior to using Hillsdale Wildlife Area. When creating an account, be sure to record the 4 digit PIN number you assign to your account and the 6 digit Permit number that is unique to your iSportsman account. The Permit number is NOT the same as the KDWPT number printed on your hunting license. If you check-in using the automated phone system (1-844-500-0825) you will need to enter your PIN and 6 digit Permit number. It is also highly recommended you enter an email address when registering, so a temporary password can be emailed to you in the event you forget your account password.

Please call the Hillsdale State Park office (913-783-4507) if you have any difficulty with iSportsman.

Dove Fields

Four sunflower (42 acres) fields should provide decent dove hunting opportunities in 2020. Dove field maps are available under the General Information tab and at the Hillsdale State Park office. Three dove fields will be open access in 2020; the field located in the Big Bull Wetland area will be reserved as a youth-mentor field on opening day, weekends, and holidays. Non-toxic shot is required when hunting dove fields.  All hunters must be checked into I-sportsman.

Reservoir and Wetland Conditions

Check Hillsdale Lake water level and 24-hour precipitation here.

Check Waterfowl Report tab for Wetland water levels and conditions.  


Not all property boundaries are well marked. Be sure you know where public hunting is permitted and obey all signs. If in doubt, maps are available at the Hillsdale State Park office or under the General Information tab or stop by the State Park office for clarification. 

Deer Hunters

13 food plots have been planted this fall across the wildlife area.  This should provide with browse, as well as hunting opportunities throughout the season.

It is NOT legal to use bait when hunting or preparing to hunt on Department lands

Treestands must be marked with your name and address or KDWPT#. Stands must be removed within 2 weeks of season closure.

Portable blinds may not be left unattended over night 

Please contact Zach Ramsay with questions: 913-594-3600.