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2017 Dove Hunting Opportunities at Toronto Wildlife Area


           One field of late sunflowers (approximately 14 acres) has been planted this year at Toronto Wildlife Area. This field will be managed to attract doves. Sunflower planting suffered due to continual rains and flooding that took place this spring. These late planted sunflowers are expected to mature and produce seed later in the dove season. Fair hunting opportunities are expected after the sunflowers are dried down and mowed.


Hunters will be required to use only non-toxic shot in the managed dove field at Toronto Wildlife Area. Harvest reporting cards will not be required or provided this year at Toronto Wildlife Area.


Hunters are reminded that doves may be banded as part of a nationwide dove banding study. Hunters can help by inspecting all harvested doves for the presence of leg bands. The more bands that are reported by hunters the better understanding wildlife biologists will have about the habits of these challenging game birds. The phone number to call to report band information is 1-800-327-(BAND) 2263. This number is also printed on the bands but the bands are relatively small, making the phone number difficult to read.


            For more information concerning the Toronto Wildlife Area contact the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism at: (620)-583-6783.