Oct. 17, 2013In 2012, nearly 8,700 vehicle accidents in Kansas involved deerTOPEKA – Deer can be spotted near our state’s roadways any time of the year. However, in the fall, motorists should be especially vigilant for deer crossing the highways. Deer breeding season peaks in mid-November, and this marks the period when deer-vehicle collisions ... Read More

Oct. 17, 2013Lodging at a comfortable state park cabin can save hunters money and timePRATT – Hunters have to factor in a lot of components when planning a hunt, and one of the most important aspects focuses on timing. Whether you are figuring out what time to wake up, when to change locations, how soon to call an animal in, or even when you sh ... Read More

Oct. 17, 2013Fall-restraint systems can be a life-saving tool when hunting from a treestandPRATT – The deer rut can be some of the best hunting all year for bowhunters, and in the whirlwind of activity that takes place during this special time, it can be easy to get lackadaisical about safety practices. Every year, a surprising number of treest ... Read More