KDWPT Offers These Tips For Anglers

KDWPT Offers These Tips For Anglers

PRATT ­– In an age of information overload and ever-changing news, it can be frustrating to locate accurate information when you need it. This is especially true for anglers whose success can often hinge on getting the “right” information in a timely manner, because anyone who has ever wet a line knows: fish don’t wait for you.

For a quick (and accurate) rundown of what you’ll need before hustling out to the water this fishing season, follow the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT)’s tips below.


There are a few things you should have before your first fishing trip, and number one, if you’re a resident age 16-74, or a nonresident age 16 and older, is a fishing license. There are several options for residents: a one-day license for $8.50, annual fishing license for $27.50, combination hunting/fishing license for $47.50, or senior (age 65-74) annual fishing license for $15.

Nonresident anglers can purchase a one-day license for $14.50, five-day license for $27.50, annual fishing license for $52.50, or combination hunting/fishing license for $137.50.


Your fishing license will be valid for 365 days from the day you purchase it, rather than the calendar year licenses of the past. So, why not keep that year-round coverage ongoing with KDWPT’s new auto-renew feature? When making your purchase online at ksoutdoors.com, simply click the “auto-renew” box next to your fishing license before finalizing your purchase. This way you can ensure you have a valid fishing license every year without another thought. You can also buy your license at more than 600 license vendors around the state.


Once you have a license, grab a copy of the 2018 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary. The 48-page pamphlet has all fishing regulations, of course, but you’ll also find color fish I.D. illustrations, as well as a listing of all reservoirs, state fishing lakes and community lakes with locations and special regulations. The regulation pamphlet should be in every angler’s tackle box.


Another handy item no angler should be without is the 2018 Fishing Forecast, available at KDWPT offices and online at ksoutdoors.com. The forecast is assembled using survey data fisheries biologists gather while sampling fish populations in the lakes they manage each summer and fall. The forecast can help anglers find a lake that provides good fishing for the kind and size of fish they prefer. Every lake is different; one may provide high numbers of 12- to 15-inch bass while another has fewer bass, but many that are 18 inches long or longer.

Visit ksoutdoors.com or drop by your local sporting goods store and get your fishing necessities, so you’re ready when your buddy calls and says, “the fish are biting!”