Cedar Bluff State Park News

Campsite update: The water has been turned on to all campsites, both Bluffton (North Shore) and Page Creek (South Shore). The bath houses are all open and the fish cleaning station is up and running!  All we are missing is you!
Thanks and we look forward to a great spring!

Cedar Bluff has been seeing some increasing lake levels.  A great site to see for all of the people that frequent the lake.  The lake has increased from 2117.08 (26.92 below conservation) on May 7th, 2018 to 2126.61 (17.39 below conservation) on May 10, 2019.  This is an increase of 9.53 feet!  Much of our shoreline access is changing and popular roads are going underwater.  The staff is working hard to change the shoreline access points and keep the park looking to the best of your expectations.  The increase in lake elevation has also made fishing more interesting... so make sure you take the trip to Cedar Bluff to check it out!

Cedar Bluff State Park has also seen some full time staff changes over the last year.  Steve Seibel, was promoted to the Hays Regional Office as the High Plains Regional Supervisor.  This has been quite the change since he had been located at Cedar Bluff since 1994, almost 25 years!  But don't worry, he still pays a visit from time to time. Our Park Ranger, Brian Haug quickly stepped into his shoes and filled in the position of Park Manager.  Kyle Burgoon, transferred from Meade State Park to become our new Park Ranger.  Larry Eberle, the previous Facilities Specialist retired from his position and Cory Lampe is now the new Facilities Specialist at Cedar Bluff.  Amber McLaughlin is still here keeping the office going!  While we will miss all the previous employees, we do believe change is good, and we look forward to bringing new experiences to our park.