Cedar Bluff State Park News

2019 was a great year for Cedar Bluff State Park, we saw increase visitation and increased lake levels. 

Many Kansas State Parks were experiencing flooding issues, here at Cedar Bluff State Park the added moisture just helped enhance the visitor's experience.  The biggest news we had this year was the closure of our historic bridge on Highway 147 over the dam.  This has caused a lot of frustrations for locals.  The bridge was completed in 1951 with the completion of the dam.  After many repairs over the years, the bridge had finally been deemed "beyond repair".  The decision was then made to close the bridge to all traffic to ensure everyone's safety.  KDOT now has a bid in place to replace the entire bridge.  It is estimated to be done by late August.  The new bridge will not have the beautiful arches we have grown to love over the last 70 years.  But the number one concern is the safety of the many travelers that utilize the bridge.  Cedar Bluff Office will continue to keep everyone updated on the progress.

We are now changing over to our fall/winter office hours.  The campground is open 24/7 but the office will only be open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

We have the water off to most of the campsites starting October 15th.  We plan on turning the water back on (weather permitting) around April 15th. The Hoonii and Despatch Campgrounds in the Bluffton Area will remain on longer depending on the weather.  For details please contact the office.

Cedar Bluff has been seeing some increasing lake levels.  A great site to see for all of the people that frequent the lake.  The lake has increased from 2117.08 (26.92 below conservation) on May 7th, 2018 to 2133.60 (10.40 below conservation) on January 14th, 2019.  This is an increase of 16 1/2 feet!  Much of our shoreline access is changing and popular roads are going underwater. .  The increase in lake elevation has also made fishing more interesting... so make sure you take the trip to Cedar Bluff to check it out!