Cedar Bluff State Park News

Cedar Bluff Office will be CLOSED next week. February 20th and 21st due to training. We will be open Monday, February 18th- Tuesday, February 19th. Then will reopen Friday, February 22nd. If you need assistance during this time please contact the Hays Regional Office at 785-628-8614. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support.

Water Shutoff Update:
Closed as of 11/7/18- Butterfield, Overland and Apache Bathhouses, Bluffton Fish Cleaning Station, and the Dumpstations.

Water has been turned off to the Overland, Butterfield, Arapahoe, Wagon Rut, Pronghorn, & Prickly Pear Campgrounds. Electricity will still be available.

There is no water available in the Page Creek (South side) Park.

The Bluffton Area (North side) has a freeze proof hydrant in the Southwest corner of the office parking lot for you to fill your holding tank.

The Bluffton Area also has one shower-house open all year, located in the Northwest corner, by the rental cabins.

We will be leaving the Despatch and Hoonii Campground water on for a few more weeks.

We do want to remind people to be aware of the freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures may cause water hookups and hoses to freeze and cause property damage to both park and private property. Hoses may have to be unhooked during freezing conditions, unless proper precautions have been taken, including proper insulation of the water hydrant by the camper. Failure to adequately insulate water hydrants may result in forfeiture of camping privileges and camper will be billed for damages and costs incurred by the Department. Please unhook your hoses at night as a precaution.

We will continue to update you as we winterize the campground. Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

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