Cedar Bluff State Park News

As the fall weather starts creeping up on us, the attire of our campers change from swimsuits to camouflage.  Instead of excited screams from kids being pulled on tubes, you hear the sound of a gun in the distance from a kid harvesting his first deer.  Many tend to forget about the lake during the cooler season, but for others it becomes a new adventure ground for harvesting turkey, pheasants, deer and waterfowl. Fall is also a great time to catch your next trophy Walleye!   Cedar Bluff is always an escape from the day-to-day life, a vacation from the stress life often hands us, no matter what time of year.  Let Cedar Bluff State Park be your station after a long days hunt while you stay in one of our 156 campsites or one of our 6 cabins.  Visitors often call us the "oasis" of the Kansas Plains, come see why!

We are now changing over to our fall/winter office hours.  The campground is open 24/7 but the office will only be open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

We are projecting to turn off water to most of the campsites starting October 15th.  The Hoonii and Despatch Campgrounds in the Bluffton Area will remain on longer depending on the weather.  For details please contact the office.

Cedar Bluff has been seeing some increasing lake levels.  A great site to see for all of the people that frequent the lake.  The lake has increased from 2117.08 (26.92 below conservation) on May 7th, 2018 to 2133.34 (10.66 below conservation) on Sept 19, 2019.  This is an increase of 16 1/4 feet!  Much of our shoreline access is changing and popular roads are going underwater. .  The increase in lake elevation has also made fishing more interesting... so make sure you take the trip to Cedar Bluff to check it out!

A Dave