Beach Day Use

GPS: N37 38.732 W094 48.741

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Campsites cannot be Reserved

No Camping is available on this Area

Other Information:

Area Facilities

Beach Day Use Area Shelter House
  • Type of Facility: Group Shelter
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.662 W094 48.735
  • This Facility is Reservable.
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    This shelter may be reserved for special day events, such as reunions, birthdays, club meetings, anniversaries, or just a family or friend get-togethers. This shelter house is a partially enclosed stone shelter with a magnificent fireplace at the north end. It is next to the beach and swimming area, the restroom/shower house, the playground and the basketball court. It has several tables under the expansive roof and two tables on the beach side under the sky. No camping or over-night stays are allowed in this area.

    Beach Shelter

    Beach shelter house may be reserved for special events. It is found next to the beach playground and swimming area.

Beach Day Use Area Playground
  • Type of Facility: Playground
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.628 W094 48.736
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    This is a large, colorful playground with three slides, and a variety of other climbing structures, and swings, for children of all ages. This playground has state of the art pliable flooring to help prevent major ouchies that can occur on playgrounds. It is`also ADA compliant. The playground has seating for on-looking parents. It is close to the marina, beach, shelter house and restroom/showers.

    Playground at the beach area
    CRSP Beach Playground

    The playground at Crawford State Park's beach area was installed in 2006. Access to the beach swimming area, shelter house, bathroom facilities, and marina are found within easy walking distance. The playground consists of numerous swings, three slides, two sets of climbing stuctures, and a playhouse. It is ADA compliant.

Dump Station
  • Type of Facility: Dump Station
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.674 W094 48.766
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    Upon entering or exiting the park, a convient dump station and faucet with potable water is available. If you are planning on an electric only site, you can fill your fresh water tank when you get to the park. Upon leaving the park, the dump station is easily accessible on your way out.

Park Office
  • Type of Facility: Park Office
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.732 W094 48.741
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    The office at Crawford State Park is located to your left after you go through the entrance booth and on your left just before you go across the spillway. All camping permits, vehicle permits, boating, hunting, and fishing permits can be purchased at the office. Many pamphlets about all the Kansas State Parks are available in the park office. Also alvailable are pamphlets about wildlife, hunting, and boating safety. Park employee are happy and willing to answer any questions you have.

Beach Day Use Area Picnic Facilities
  • Type of Facility: Picnic Area
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.643 W094 48.711
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    6 Shaded Picnic Tables at Beach

Beach Day Use Area Restroom and Shower house
  • Type of Facility: Shower/Toilet
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.647 W094 48.737
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    A large, modern restroom/hot shower house is available at the beach area for swimmers, sunbathers, pickners, and any visitor to the park. There are dedicated sides for men and for women, each side offering privacy for individuals. Restrooms are cleaned daily

Beach Day Use Swimming Area
  • Type of Facility: Swimming Area
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.643 W094 48.711
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    Very small rock/sand forms the beach at Crawford State Park. Numerous colorful umbrellas over picnic tables dot the beach for swimmers, sunbathers, and picnickers alike. The beach is very popular with campers and area town's people who come to enjoy the sun and surf. Adjacent to the beach is the restroom/shower house, the day use shelter house, and the day use playground. There is no camping in the beach area. No pets allowed in the beach area.

  • Type of Facility: Marina
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 38.589 W094 49.060
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    The marina has been a mainstay for Crawford State park for many years. Convenience items, bait, and ice are available Friday through Sunday. The marina restaurant offers excellent and affordable meals Friday breakfast through Sunday lunch.

    A courtesy dock is located on the east side of the marina. One of the lake's four fish feeders is located just off this dock.

    Take your lunch out on the dock and sit at one of the two covered picnic tables and enjoy the view!

    Several bird feeders are at the marina with seating for those who enjoy watching the birds eat and flit about. The Tit-mouse, Oriole, Cardinal and Humming Bird are some of the frequent flyers to the bird feeders.

    Canadian geese wander about the area waiting for food, sold at the marina, and they too, enjoy a swim in the lake.