Crawford State Park News

Winter Updates

Winter is a lovely season to camp, enjoy time around the fire, and view wildlife. At Crawford State Park all bathhouses have been closed down for the winter season. Water utilities in Oak Point campground Have been shut down. This includes the bathhouse and the laundry station. Water will remain on in the campsites in our Rocky Cove campground through the winter, weather permitting (Call the Park Office for updates)  Electricity is on at all sites year round.  The dump station will also be open, however you will need to provide a hose and use the frost proof hydrant to flush your tank. Call the park office at 620-362-3671 for availability.

On Wednesday, December 20th staff will work to begin the lake draw down so work on the new boat ramp can begin. The lake will be drawn down 6 feet below normal lake levels. This depth will be maintained through February 1st, allowing for the construction crew to complete the lower section of the boat ramp. At that time, the lake will be allowed to naturally fill to normal levels.

During the lake draw down, both the main boat ramp as well as the south boat ramp will be closed. However, the low water ramp which is next to the main ramp will be open.

We hope to see you at the park!