Coyote Trail #10

Trail Open: Year Round

Area Located: Old Marina/Coyote Shelter

Type of trail: - Hiking


Common Cattail


(Typha latifolia)


Cattails are found in most bodies of water, including rivers, ponds, marshes or lakes. Their roots , called Rhizomes, embed themselves in water. The thick, brown cylinder holds the seeds, which fluff out to carry seeds long distances when released. They are edible and were used for baskets, pillows, and glue by Native Americans. Many animals rely on cattails for food or shelter including deer, muskrats, and turkeys. The most commonly associated animal would be the


Red-Winged Black Bird (Agelaius phoeniceus) which can be seen perched on top of the stalks. There are four different types of Cattails found in the U.S. Here on the Coyote Trail we have two different types, which can be distinguished by the number of heads on the stalk.