Coyote Trail #12

Trail Open: Year Round

Area Located: Old Marina/Coyote Shelter

Type of trail: - Hiking




Big Blue Stem (Andropogon garardii) - This grass can grow up to 10 feet tall. It is distinguished by its height and three-parted flower cluster on top of the stalk that look like a turkey foot. They are called Blue Stem because of the bluish color found near the base. Root systems can grow up to 10 feet under ground.


Little Blue Stem (Andropogon scoporius) - This grass looks similar to Big Blue Stem, although it only grows up to 3 feet and puts off a purplish hue at the base. Little Blue Stem is the most abundant prairie grass and is found in clusters.


Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) - This grass ranges in height from 3 to 5 feet. It differs from Blue Stem by the seed head at the top of the stalk, which is open and has multiple stems. Switchgrass is a preferred plant for hay and cattle grazing, although some consider it a nuisance.