New for 2021

Wild-caught Bait

Silver and bighead carp have been added to the list of wild-caught
bait that may exceed 12 inches in length. Silver and bighead carp
may not be kept alive. See Page 9.

Prohibited Species Added

Species added to the “prohibited species” definitions include: monk
parakeet, Asian raccoon dog, crucian carp, largescale silver carp,
Prussian carp, wels catfish, Eurasian minnow, stone moroko,
European perch, Nile perch, roach, amur sleeper, zander and
common yabby. See Page 12.

E-licenses, E-permits & E-tags

E-licenses, e-permits and e-tags are now available through
KDWPT’s “HuntFish KS” mobile app.

One-day Fishing License Fee Reduced

The price of one-day fishing licenses have been reduced from
$8.50 to $6.00 for residents and from $14.50 to $10.00 for nonresidents.
See Page 5.

Free Fishing Days

2021 Free Fishing Days are June 5 and 6.


Kansas youth 15 and younger are required to purchase a youth
trout permit for $7, which will allow youth to keep five trout in select
waters. See Page 13.

Blue Catfish on Southeast and 
Southcentral Kansas Rivers

The daily creel limit for blue catfish has been increased from the
statewide limit of 5 to 10 blue catfish on select waters. See Page 16.

Aquatic NuisanceSpecies (ANS) Waters Added

New waters added to the ANS list include: LINN COUNTY: Linn
Valley Lakes-Main Lake, LYON COUNTY: Lyon SFL, SEDGWICK
COUNTY: Emerald Bay, Wichita-South Lake. See Page 42.

New Aquatic Nuisance Species

Invasive Phragmites and Curly-leaf Pondweed were added to the
list of ANS. See Page 45.

Spanish-language Resource

KDWPT is proud to employ a bilingual information representative for
Spanish-speaking anglers. To utilize this resource, call (785) 213-
0512 or email