GPS/KML Information & Files

GPS and Google Earth Map Use Policy:

Both the Garmin GPS and Google Earth files that are provided on this page are intended to assist users in identifying the locations of KDWPT Fishing Impoundments & Stream Habitats (FISH) properties. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the provided files, changes with regard to tract enrollment can and do occur throughout the year. As with the Kansas Fishing Atlas, these maps are intended for use as a general reference. Signs will mark the actual property boundary. In some instances, the property boundary may be difficult to map. Use posted signs as the true boundaries.

You do not need to contact the landowner prior to accessing a posted FISH property. Obey lease boundaries. Stay within 50 feet of the stream or impoundment shoreline. If the FISH property is a stream, fish only on the side of the stream that is posted as an access site. Do not walk or fish on adjacent property.

You may access FISH sites only during the access dates indicated. The FISH sites are open to public fishing access from March 1 through October 31 (some are open year round). Please review the complete FISH Area Rules contained in the Kansas Fishing Atlas.

Aside from access dates, FISH sites also have restrictions limiting boat use. Restrictions will be posted on the areas and will take precedence over those listed or omitted in the maps. Citations can be issued for violating these restrictions. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and avoid entering areas of question until you have checked with a KDWPT official.

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Kansas Wildlife & Parks
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Google Earth Files
Google KMZ file of Fish Attractor GPS' (OCTET-STREAM 91.12 kB)

Garmin GPS Files
2015 Kansas Base Map Only (OCTET-STREAM 11.86 MB)
2015 FISH Access Properties (OCTET-STREAM 66.00 kB)
River Access Sites (OCTET-STREAM 39.00 kB)

2015 FISH TXT File (PLAIN 10.44 kB)
2015 FISH CSV File (OCTET-STREAM 10.08 kB)