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Waterfowl Hunters MUST Do Their Part To Stop The Spread Of Zebra Mussels:

Wood Cutting on Marion Wildlife Area:

Waterfowl Hunters need to help stop the Zebra Mussel:

With waterfowl season just around the corner, hunters need to be aware that Marion Reservoir now is infested with Zebra Mussels. Hunters need to follow three simple steps to ensure they do not spread these invasive mussels to other bodies of water. CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY:

  • Hunters should clean and remove all visible vegetation, mud and debris from decoy’s, bags, waders, boats, and any other equipment that gets wet.
  • All water should be drained from boats, decoys and decoy bags, etc. Research has found that vellegers (young Zebra Mussels), which are microscopic, are transported in large volumes of water.
  • Hunters should allow their equipment to dry for a 5 day period before returning to their favorite duck hunting spots. However, if hunters wanted to hunt before that, they can run through the car wash and hose their equipment down with high-pressure, hot water.

If hunters take a few minutes to inspect their equipment before leaving Marion Reservoir, they will keep Zebra Mussels out of other bodies of water.

Wood Cutting on Marion Wildlife Area:

This winter, KDWPT have sheared trees in a few spots around the wildlife area. These trees have been piled to be burnt at a later date. If you are interested in cutting some of the wood for personal use, a wood cutting permit is required. You can pick up this free permit at KDWPT headquarters located at Broken Bridge.