Benedictine Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Mallard Migration Rank:  1  (Estimate of potential mallard numbers. 1=lowest, 10=highest)
Water level

A map of our wetlands is now available under the Wetland Map tab to the right.

Wildlife area is flooded due to high river level. There are many flooded pools and ditches throughout the property in addition to the normal wetlands. Mallards are present in the ditches inside the levee. Multiple small groups of teal were seen flying across the levee towards the river. Large pools outside of levee are holding some wood ducks. Water is slowly draining out of the property.

The access road to the parking lot is currently only passable by trucks due to water on the road. Plans are to get gravel this week and fix the mud holes. 

Refuge(NOT open to hunting)

October 1 through March 31 the area can only be accessed with a special permit obtained through a drawing. The application and drawing will take place online only in 2017. Look for "Special Hunts" on our home page under "HUNTING".

Hunting conditions Good quality wetland vegetation persists in all wetland complexes.  Native vegetation such as annual smartweeds, barnyard grass, and arrow leaf are the most common vegetation.  
Expected hunting success Currently there are very few ducks using the wetland areas throughout the property that are open to hunting.  
Comments Few ducks using the area.  REFUGE IS NOT OPEN TO HUNTING