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Webster Wildlife Area encompasses 8,018 acres of public hunting surrounding 1,481 surface acres of water. A variety of wildlife habitats are developed and maintained to enhance wildlife. Situated along the shores of Webster Reservoir, the area offers hunting, fishing, limited camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing opportunities. The Reservoir is located 9 miles west of Stockton, just off highway 24.

Primary sportfish include walleye, wipers, largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, and flathead catfish. Smallmouth bass, white bass, and bluegill also provide fine angling opportunities at times.

Seasonal rainbow trout fisheries are maintained in the stilling basin below the dam and in the river directly above the reservoir. Trout are stocked in the stilling basin several times each trout season and are stocked in the river in March of each year when flows are adequate.

Special facilities include an electric fish cleaning station on the north shore of the state park, floating fishing docks in Marina Cove and the Rock Point Cove (when water levels are adequate), and an easy access ramp and pier in the stilling basin.

Length Limits:

  • Black bass - 15 inch minimum (reservoir)
  • Walleye - 15 inch minimum

Catch and Release: A major factor affecting fish populations is angler harvest. Fishing success continues to improve with better knowledge and equipment. As a result, more restrictive regulations are needed. Voluntary catch and release also extends a limited fish resource. Reduced harvest of small fish allows more fish to reach a larger, more desirable size. Releasing larger fish increases their recreational use and keeps them in the water to help control undesirable fish by predation. A fish released properly is an investment in future fishing opportunities.

Hunting pressure can be heavy on the wildlife area. Hunts after November and during mid-week may be less crowded. Primary game species include pheasants, quail, deer, turkey, and waterfowl. Hunter-use surveys are conducted to evaluate management practices. Hunter participation in these surveys is important.

An area is open to vehicle access for the disabled persons through a special permit. Contact the Webster Area Office for details.

The waterfowl refuge is closed to all activities between November 1 and January 31.

Special hunts, intended to provide a quality opportunity, are available at Webster. To learn more about and to apply for these and other special hunts offered throughout the state, see the Special Hunts Brochure available in June HERE. Applications must be submitted by July 1 each year.

The adjacent State Park offers modern and primitive camping sites the year-round. Camping with vehicle access on the wildlife area is limited to five designated areas. The areas are free, and you must take your trash with you.

Four boat ramps provide access for area users; three in the state park and one in the Wildlife Area. At low water levels, only the boat ramp in Rock Point Campground in the State Park is usable.

The area offers excellent opportunities to view and photograph deer, bald eagles, pheasants, ducks, and more.

1140 10 Road
Stockton,KS    67669
Area News - Updated: 10/08/2020


Click here for a map of the 2020 Managed Dove Fields 

Webster Wildlife Area has 11 acres of sunflowers that should provide good opportunities for dove hunting. The sunflowers consist of 3 fields separated by terraces. Portions of the patches have been mowed prior to the dove opener. The fields are located approximated 1/4 to 1/2 mile north of the Stilling Basin on 11th road. Webster Wildlife Area does NOT require non-toxic shot for dove hunting.


Mandatory Hunter Survey Cards will be required during the first 7 days of the Dove hunting season for hunting on this field. Survey cards are available at the field. 

2018 Webster Waterfowl Refuge
Webster reservoir is at conservation level, approximately 2 feet higher than this time last year.  The water level may continue to rise pending further inflows throughout the hunting seasons.

The refuge this year consists of the core area that extends from the point south of Old Marina Campground south into the lake, then east, and then back to the north shoreline east of the double mushroom in the Park. The portion of the reservoir that is "Closed to Hunting" lies northeast of the lint that extends from the point south of the Old Marina Campground southeast across the reservoir to the bluffs in Goose Flats Campground at the south end of the dam. A "walk-in/nonmotorized boat hunting area" is located at the southeast corner of the reservoir. It extends from the southeast kiosk west to just east of 9 Road.

Hunters with questions or comments about these changes should contact the area manager, Michael Zajic at the Webster area office or call 785-425-6775.

2018 Webster Reservoir Water Level
Due to heavy inflows in the fall of 2017 and in the spring of 2018, the reservoir reached 7 feet above conservation level.  Draw downs to reduce the water level and irrigation release have the reservoir back down to conservation level by the start of September.  The resulting high water level has inundated many acres on the Area.  After irrigation release is completed for the year the reservoir will probably rise back to 1 1/2 feet above conservation level by the end of the year.

Blue/Green Algae is present in the reservoir.  Levels of B/G has varied throughout the year but the level increased to the point that the reservoir was closed to ALL water activities on August 17, 2018.  The reservoir closure was canceled on August 30, 2018.  The reservoir is currently listed in a warning for blue/green algae.  In a warning it is advised to keep pets away from water and avoid wading in the water.  Avoid areas of algae accumulation.  This site will be edited as B/G levels change.  

2018 Upland and Big Game Hunting
Fall hunters should note that the increased in water level has flooded nearly all acreage on the south side.  The north side has also been flooded.  Flooded acreage extends nearly to the river crossing.  Deer and turkey hunting will be primary limited to that portion of the Area west of the river crossing.  The majority of upland bird hunting opportunities will be found on the acreage north and south of the dam , some limited acreage on the north and south sides, and some birds on the west end.   

General Information
1140 10 Road
Stockton, KS    67669

Area Manager: Joe Lambert

Fish Biologist: Mark Shaw

District Biologist: Eric Wiens

State Park Manager: Zach Kesler

Area located 9 miles West and 1/4 mile South of Stockton, KS on US Highway 24.

Webster Reservoir & WA (PDF 237.87 kB)
Special Regulations
  • Many furbearers inhabit the area. When the season is open, trapping and running is allowed in areas open to hunting.
  • Hiking is permitted throughout the area (except for in areas posted "Closed to All Activities”).
  • Riding of horses is only permitted on established roads.
  • Turn in polluters, poachers, unsafe boaters and public land vandals. Call: 1 (800) 228-4263

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


Webster Wildlife Area and Reservoir is located 9 miles west and 1/4 mile south miles of Stockton on US Highway 24. Webster Wildlife Area is primarily a Bureau of Reclamation property that is managed by the Ks. Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and comprises 1,481 acres of water and 8,018 acres of land. Of the 8,018 acres of land, 1,960 acres are owned by the State. The lake dates back to 1957, when the area was purchased and built by the Bureau of Reclamation. The State land was also purchased in 1957.

Webster Areas

Morel Campground

Brown's Lot

Webster Waterfowl Report - 01/22/2021
Waterfowl numbers 5,000-10,000 ducks. Mostly mallards with other species mixed in. 3,000 Canada geese. 150,000-175,000 snows. 
Water level 1890.90'; 1.55' below conservation pool; water levels have been slowly increasing. Shallow areas are frozen or are freezing. Ice is forming in deeper areas out of the wind.
Hunting conditions Lowered lake level has resulted in exposed shorelines with little vegetation; some mud flats present. 
Expected hunting success Fair to Good. 

Click HERE to download a PDF of the waterfowl area. 

Click HERE for a Google Earth map of the waterfowl area. 

Refuge and non-motorized boat area dates: Nov. 1 through Feb. 14.

There is a non-motorized boat area at Webster that is walk-in only that is intended for shore hunters. The area starts at the southeast corner of the reservoir and goes west to Morel boat ramp. See the attached PDF and Google Earth file for boundaries. This regulation is in effect from Nov. 1 through Feb. 14.

Hunting in or from the shoreline inside the State Park or along the face of the dam is prohibited. Please see the attached PDF and Google Earth file to see updated refuge boundaries and dates. Closed areas will be marked with buoys. Be advised that the refuge will be closed to hunting until the end of dark goose season.

Blue/Green Algae

Webster is not currently on the blue-green algae watch/warning list. 

Webster Reservoir currently does not have zebra mussels. Please be sure equipment is cleaned and dry before coming to Webster from other places.

Teal Season

September 12-27, 2020

Duck Season on Webster Reservoir     

October 31, 2020 - January 3, 2021 and January 23-31, 2021

Youth Weekend, Duck and Goose

October 24-25, 2020

Goose Season on Webster Reservoir

CANADA GEESE  October 31 - November 1, 2020 and November 4, 2020 - February 14, 2021

WHITE-FRONTED   October 31, 2020 - January 3, 2021 and January 23 - February 14, 2021

LIGHT GEESE  October 31 - November 1, 2020 and November 4, 2020 - February 14, 2021


February 15 - April 30, 2021




 Webster Wildlife Area and Refuge Map


Webster Map