Wilson Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers 12,000 ducks. Good variety of species. Approximately 500 geese, all of which are Canadas.
Water level 1515.26; 3/4' below conservation and holding steady
Hunting conditions Fair, but little vegetation to hide in. 
Expected hunting success Poor. No light geese are present on the lake.

Boat ramps: Cedar Creek boat ramp is frozen. Due to the lower water levels, the Cedar Creek boat ramp may be hard to use. Use caution around the Cedar Creek ramp as numerous trees were washed in during the flood and are now exposed as water levels drop. Elm Creek boat ramp is open.

Reminders: Duck, dark goose, and white-fronted goose seasons are currently closed.

The light goose spring conservation season runs from Feb. 17-Apr. 30, 2020.

Zebra mussels are in Wilson Lake, so be sure to drain/dry/clean boats and equipment before moving to other areas.

All access (including hunters, fishermen, and boating) is prohibited Sept. 1, 2019-Jan. 31, 2020 on the mid-lake refuge and the refuge located at the west end of the lake.

Click HERE for Duck Season, Regulation, and Research information.

Click HERE for hunting regulations in Lucas Park, Minooka Park, and Sylvan Park.