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Cheney Shooting Range: 

Target practice outside the range anywhere else at the Reservoir is unlawful

2017 schedule: The range has closed for the winter and will reopen early March

Friday's and Saturday's = 8-5

Sunday's =1-5 

Holiday Closures:  

Winter Closure: The Range will reopen March 2nd 2018 for the season

Range may be closed without prior notice during periods of inclement weather. (e.g. rain, lightning, snow, sleet, icy road conditions, high heat, high heat index, high winds). Common examples only.

Range will continue to be closed to the public Monday through Thursday. No Trespassing when the range is closed. Criminal Trespass is an arrestable offense!

Law Enforcement certified Range Officers operate the shooting range and are present at all times when the facility is open to the public.

Shotguns are not allowed on the range unless firing rifled slugs. No birdshot or buckshot!

Target stands, backers, and tacks are provided. Bring paper targets only no exploding targets.

Read all posted range rules and obtain your shooting permit (on-site) before shooting!

.50 BMG rifles/rounds are not allowed

Muzzleloader's are allowed

No armor pirecing or tracer ammunition allowed!

Armor Piercing examples: M2 .30-06 163 gr., M61 7.62 150.5 gr., FNP80 7.62 150 gr., M993 7.62 126.6 gr., AP 485 .338 Lapua Magnum 248 gr., M995 5.56x45mm NATO 52gr., S.m.K. 7.92x57 Mauser 178.25gr (examples only)

This is a marksmanship range. No rapid-fire.One shot every 4 seconds. Rapid-fire and misplaced shots have created serious damage to the wooden ricochet bunker posts and target stands. Range officers will warn you once about rapid firing or misplaced shots that hit the target stands or bunker posts. If there continues to be a problem after you've been warned, you will be asked to leave the range. Intentionally shooting the target stands, wooden bunker posts, or any other range structure (criminal damage to State property) will not be tolerated. Do your part to ensure this range remains open to the public by making sure your shots are hitting your paper target and by not rapid-firing.

Target practice outside the designated shooting range is unlawful. This is a statewide public lands law and applies to all KDWP Public Lands AND Walk-In Hunting Areas (WIHA's). Target practice can only occur at a designated (posted) area.

Off-road vehicles:

 Public Lands Regulations state that all vehicles must remain on maintained roads and parking areas. ATV's are illegal anywhere on Public Lands, including maintained roads. Vehicles MUST remain on maintained roads and parking areas at all times in all public areas around the Reservoir, including the State Park. Help protect our natural resources by complying with this law. Please call 911 if you observe ANY violation of the Law on our Public Areas.


Refuge gates will close October 1st 2015

Baiting, Tree Stands and Blinds

 Baiting on public lands is PROHIBITED. Each hunter is also allowed to place only 2 tree stands or portable blind that must be tagged with the hunters name and KDWPT number on it, the portable blinds shall not be left unattended over night.