Neosho Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers
ATTENTION- Motorized watercraft permitted only during an open waterfowl season per posted notice regulation 115-8-19.

iSportsman (electronic daily hunt permit system) is required for all hunters, We now have a zero tolerance policy on failure to comply with iSportsman and check station requirements. 

10,000 to 15,000  ducks; mainly Mallards and mixed divers. 2000 Canada Geese, 1500 White-fronted Geese.  On 1/08/19 area staff counted 62 Swans so please identify your target. 

Mallard Migration Rank


0= No Mallards, 1= Very Few Mallards, 5= Moderate Numbers, 10= Peak

Water level

Pool 1- FULL

Pool 2A- FULL

Pool 2B- 95% full

Pool 4B- FULL

Pool 4A- FULL

Pool 5- Middle and lower pool are both FULL.  The upper end structure is leaking, staff have attempted to fix twice with no luck.  Pool will be dry this season.

Pool 6- FULL

Pool 7-FULL

Pool 8- 75% full

Refuge - roughly 12" low 

South Unit- Dry and will remain dry for 2018-2019 seasons for renovation work (see "Area News").

For more information on the water level conditions for upcoming season please see the area news by clicking link below and clicking on the "NEWS" icon.

Hunting conditions

Fair. Weather will continue to be mild with average low's in the lower 30's and high's in the mid 40's.  

Pools are all full enough now to run both outboards and mud motors throughout pools 1, 2A and 2B.  There are no motor restrictions on the area just be courteous to other hunters as you transverse through hunting pools.      

Corn and millet production was exceptional this year. Moist soil seed production was some of the best we have seen on the area and we are extremely pleased. Habitat and water levels are excellent for this time of year. 

Please see the area news page for a breakdown of habitat types within each pool.  


Expected hunting success
Southeast Zone Regular Duck Season November 10, 2018- January 6, 2019 and January 12-27, 2018

Fair, birds are very stale and have been on the area for some time. No significant migration of "new" birds was seen with the last couple cold fronts. Looking at the weather forecast expect conditions to become tougher with warmer temps.

Hunting continues to be fair.  Hunters have been averaging around 1.7 birds per hunter this season. Since Christmas hunters are averaging around 0.6 bph. 

 We still have hunters that have not checked out of the iSportsman system.  Please check to make sure it is not you and please remember to check out by 11:59pm daily.  Thank You!!!      

If the red check out sign is out at check station all hunters are required to stop.  Thanks

Neosho WA requires all hunters to utilize the daily permit system called isportsman.  Hunters will need to register via PC prior to hunting at Neosho WA.  Hunters will be able to login via PC, smartphone, or call in from cell phone or landline phone each day prior to hunting to get a daily permit, and report back similar to the paper daily permits.  Please visit register prior to hunting season.

Please remember to fill out the permit with accurate information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE MANAGEMENT OF THE AREA. FILL OUT ONLY YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARVEST EFFORTS, each individual hunter needs to check in/out and report his/her harvest totals. i.e., NOT A GROUP HARVEST TOTAL.

Waterfowl hunting in Pool 8 is restricted to youth hunters and their mentor on weekends and holidays.

For additional area news please visit the area website at: