Neosho Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers
iSportsman (electronic daily hunt permit system) is required for all hunters, We now have a zero tolerance policy on failure to comply with iSportsman.

35,000+ mixed ducks (80% Mallard, the rest are early season migrants such as Pintail, Gadwall, Wigeon and Green Wing Teal).  5,000+ White-fronted geese (this season is currently closed, will reopen Jan 23, 2021), 15,000+ Snow Geese and 2000 Canada Geese.  Birds are EXTREMELY nocturnal and stale!

Water level

Boats will be able to launch in all pools that allow boat traffic and will be able to navigate in the boating channels.  Average water depths within the pools are between 12" to 18" down to shallow sheet water.  Please utilize caution and common sense when boating within the hunting pools. Regular outboard motors will have no problem within the boating lanes but boats will have to be pushed outside of the lanes. 

Boats are not required to hunt Neosho. Walk-in hunting is readily available with very few areas over knee deep. Hunters should take caution wading the boat lane (south end) in Pool 1 (tractor roads/foot crossings are in place); the very east side of 2A, and the oxbow area of 2B.

Hunting pools will continue to be staged up throughout the hunting season to keep fresh food available.   

Pool 1- 300 acres 90%

Pool 2A- 115 acres 85%

Pool 2B- 150 acres 90%

Pool 4A-  90 acres 95%  Walk in and non-motorized boat hunting only

Pool 4B- 60 acres 80%   Walk in and non-motorized boat hunting only

Pool 5- FULL

Pool 9- 25 acres 65%

South Unit- VFD was replaced in the control panel, so pump is ready to go but river levels are not high enough to run pump. 

Pools 7 and 8 have very minimal water from recent rainfall. Pool 6 is dry.

Refuge 2.0' low. 650 acres 


Hunting conditions

Please see the area news page for a breakdown of habitat types within each pool. 

Hunting pressure has been extremely high with very stale/nocturnal birds.  Most birds are feeding at night on the area and/or on the surrounding private wetlands.

Staff have been fielding an EXTREMELY high number of phone calls, we try to keep this page with the most up to date information possible to try and answer any questions you may have. We are extremely busy and may not be able to answer your phone calls. Expect very crowded conditions and please respect your fellow hunters. 

Expected hunting success


White-fronted Goose Season is currently CLOSED will reopen Jan 23, 2021

FAIR SUCCESS.  Please be respectful of other hunters and allow safe distances between hunting parties. 


Youth, Veteran and Active Military Season Nov. 7 & 8,2020

Southeast Late Zone Regular Season Nov. 14th, 2020- Jan. 3rd,2021 and Jan. 9-31,2021 

Teal season was the 4th best on record for Neosho WA.  We had 635 Teal harvested by 231 hunters for a 2.75 BPH average. 

We want to thank everyone for the continued cooperation with utilizing our electronic check-in/out system. We encountered very few issues with compliance last hunting season.  Please continue your efforts with compliance during the 2020-21 hunting season.  Area staff look at and manipulate this data in many different ways to make management decisions for upcoming years and to also look at what management strategies worked during the hunting season.    

Reminder: Motorized watercraft are prohibited on the wildlife area until the day season opens. (i.e. 12:01 am, November 14,2020 for regular ducks season.)
All Boating regulations are enforced! (Lifejackets, navigation lights, etc.)
All boats must operate at no wake speeds within boating canals (signs are posted)

If you are having trouble logging into iSportsman, PLEASE DO NOT create a new account! Please contact our office prior to hunting, (620) 449 2539, and leave a detailed message with your name and number and we will get back with you to assist with retrieving your log in information.

Please remember to fill out the permit with accurate information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE MANAGEMENT OF THE AREA. FILL OUT ONLY YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARVEST EFFORTS, each individual hunter needs to check in/out and report his/her harvest totals. i.e., NOT A GROUP HARVEST TOTAL.

Neosho WA requires all hunters to utilize the daily permit system called isportsman.  Hunters will need to register via PC prior to hunting at Neosho WA.  Hunters will be able to login via PC, smartphone, or call in from cell phone or landline phone each day prior to hunting to get a daily permit, and report back similar to the paper daily permits.  Please visit register prior to hunting season.

Waterfowl hunting in Pool 8 is restricted to youth hunters and their mentor on weekends and holidays.