Greeley Wildlife Area

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This property consists of 900 acres of CRP grassland with a dry creek bottom running the length of the property. This drainage is flanked on both sides by native shortgrass prairie. A single parking area is located in the SE corner of the property.


Primary game species found on the property include ring-necked pheasant, cottontail and black-tailed jack rabbit, mourning dove, white-tailed and mule deer.

Area News - Updated: 02/08/2005

Area News

General Information

Area Manager: Tom Norman
Phone: 620-276-8886 or
KDWP Reg 3 Office Phone: 620-227-8609

Located eleven miles North and five miles East of Tribune, KS.

Special Regulations
  • This property is open to public access Sept 1 through January 31 only.
  • Ten acres in the southwest portion of the property containing the homestead, barns, out buildings and corral are not part of the easement and therefore not open to public hunting. Please do not trespass on this portion of the property.
  • Vehicles must remain on established gravel roads or parking areas. Any two-wheel trails around the boundary of the property are private and not for public use. Off-road driving is prohibited.
  • A no-trash policy is in effect for the area. Therefore, no trash receptacles are available.
  • No camping is permitted.
  • Consult area information boards or the area manager for additional information concerning rules and regulations.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


Obtained in 1990 as a 50 year conservation easement the property was acquired to supplement the limited amount of public hunting property located in western Kansas. The easement will remain in effect until the year 2039, at which time it will return to the heirs of the current landowner.

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