Applications available online; Either-Species/Either-Sex permit allows take of white-tailed or mule deer
PRATT — The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) reminds resident hunters that 2010 Firearm Either-Species/Either-Sex Deer permit applications are due July 9 and are available online at www.kdwp.state.ks.us. These permits allow firearm hunters to take a mule deer or white-tailed deer of either sex. General resident permits cost $37.50. Landowner/tenant permits cost $22.50. Unsuccessful applicants will be charged a $6.50 application fee and receive one preference point for next year's drawing. There are two mule deer zones for resident firearm hunters. In the West Zone (units 1, 2, 17, and 18), 1,290 permits are allocated. In the East Zone (units 3, 4, 5, 7, and 16), 1,000 permits are allocated.

Applications for limited resident elk permits valid statewide, including Fort Riley (Morton County closed), are also due July 9 and are available online. Twelve Either-Sex and 15 Antlerless-Only Elk permits are allocated for this drawing.

A unlimited number of Hunt-Own-Land Antlerless Only Elk and Hunt-Own-Land Either Sex Elk permits will be available, except that Morton County will be closed to elk hunting. A Hunt-Own-Land Elk permit is valid during any legal elk season, and the bag limit is one elk as specified on the permit. These permits will be available July 19, 2010, through March 14, 2011.

New this year, an unlimited number of general resident Antlerless-Only Elk permits and Either-Sex Elk permits will be available over the counter. These permits are valid statewide except on Fort Riley or in Clay, Geary, Riley, or Morton counties. The bag limit for each unlimited over the counter elk permit will be one elk as specified on the permit. These permits are also available July 19, 2010, through March 14, 2011. While most elk in Kansas inhabit the Fort Riley area, some small populations may be found in western Kansas on private land.

General resident Either-Sex Elk permits cost $252.50, and landowner/tenant Either-Sex permits are $127.50. General resident Antlerless-Only Elk permits cost $102.50. Landowner/tenant Antlerless-Only Elk permits are $52.50. The fee to apply for an elk permit is $7.69. Those unsuccessful in the drawing for limited permits valid on Fort Riley will receive a bonus point.

Applicants for General Resident Elk permits on Fort Riley must apply online or by phone, 620-672-0728, by July 9. For more information, visit the KDWP website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us, or phone the nearest agency office. Elk and deer season information may be found on the website at Hunting/When to Hunt/Big Game.