Park goers urged to call ahead this holiday this weekend

MILFORD STATE PARK – According to Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks officials, recent heavy rain and severe weather has closed a portion of Milford State Park, and access to some of its facilities could be limited due to high-water levels. Park manager Tony Reitz indicated the rising water doesn’t show signs of stopping until it reaches the projected 14 feet above conservation pool.

“Fourteen feet above conservation pool is the fourth all-time high for the lake,” Reitz said. “The park’s staff is diligently working on repairs, but with multiple storms and high winds, it has been difficult to catch up. It has been one step forward then two steps back. Just as we made significant progress, another storm rolled in.”

Most campsites are not impacted by current water levels. However, Milford State Park staff evacuated a limited number of camper units from utility and primitive camping sites due to rising water. This includes approximately a dozen of the lower sites in Cedar Point Campground and approximately five lower sites in Prairie View Campground. Campsites on the lower portion of Woodland Hills Campground are barricaded, as are several lower park roads. Most of the tree and limb damage has been removed, but grounds cleanup is ongoing. The majority of park campsites are on higher ground, and many primitive sites are available.

Reitz said visitors should use caution if they decide to launch a boat. High water increases floating debris, which can damage boats and injure skiers and swimmers. Courtesy docks near boat ramps have been removed to prevent damaged.

Milford State Park visitors should be aware that some park areas that normally are heavily used will be impacted by the high water, but the majority of the park is fully operational.

While Milford Reservoir may be experiencing the largest water level increase, several other reservoirs have also been affected by recent rains. It’s always a good idea to call state park offices for current reports before traveling. More information and local state park contact information is available here.