Clinton State Park News

CG#1 SITES 54 - 48
Park Office Phone Number - 785/842-8562

The Park Office WINTER Hours - Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Email us:


Water at Campsites turning on SOON!   We hope to have water to all campsites before the end of the week.   You can still get water from the frost free hydrants and have use of either shower house.  


  • 2019 Annual Vehicle Permits and Hunting/Fishing Licenses   
    • Call us at the Park Office 785/842-8562, come to the Office Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm or 
    • get them at the entrance station on Saturday's and Sunday's from 8 am - 6 pm. 
    • You can also visit to purchase. 
    • On the annual vehicle permits you will just trade your receipt in for the actual sticker at no charge. If you purchase your 365 Day Hunting / Fishing License online what you print is your license to keep.  Must be printed out!
  • Annual Camping Passes, 14 Night Punch Cards and Camping Reservations can be purchased/made starting at NOON on 12/17!  Call or visit the  Park Office.
    • Phone: 785/842-8562 
    • Park Office Hours are Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm or 
    • purchase them with one of our Campground Hosts Friday's 4 pm - 8 pm and Saturday's 9 am - 11 am or 4 pm - 8 pm 
    • or visit  


Campsite Water Shut Off INFO.....

FYI - The water to all campsites was turned off on Wednesday, Nov. 7th!   Depending on Mother Nature, we should turn them back on in Mid April.  

When we do turn off water to campsites they will still have FREE access to the Dump station water hydrant by the tree and the open shower houses.

  • The South Shower House in BOTH campgrounds are open YEAR ROUND!
  • Frost Free Hydrants are open year round as well. By Camp Site A1 & the South Shower building in campground #1 AND By Sites B4, B48, B97 & B264 in campground #3. (I think there is even a frost free hydrant by site B139 in the Prime Area.)

Starting Oct. 1st we do not charge the Prime Fee ($2.00) for prime sites.  So they all will be $21.00/night or $11 if you have an annual camping permit for 2018.

Starting November 1st - We will not charge for water at campsites.   Electric ONLY.   $19.00/night or $9 if you have an annual camping permit for this year.   

There is an additional non refundable $3.00/transaction fee for each stay.

As of 11/1 the Entrance Booth will be on their WINTER Hours.  Open Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s

Friday’s – 10am – 6 pm

Saturday’s – 8 am – 8 pm

Sunday’s - 8 am – 8 pm


Campground Hosts will be on their Winter Operational Schedule as of 10/29!  

Monday - Thursday @ Campground #1……………….................5 pm - 7 pm 

Wednesday – Thursday @ Campground #3 ....................... 5 pm - 7 pm 

Friday's....................................... 4 pm - 8 pm
Saturday's................................... 9 am - 11 am & 4 pm - 8 pm
Sunday's .....................................  Campground #1 Open 6 pm – 8 pm  &  Campground #3 Open from 9 am- 11am  

                  Get set up or find the site you reserved and Check In with them!


WINTER Office Hours!    Park Office will only be OPEN from 8 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday 

We sell:

• all types of Hunting and Fishing licenses,
• Turkey and Deer tags, 
• State Park Annual Permits for your vehicle and camping, 
• Reservations for camping or a cabin stay, 
• Boat Registration’s

You can stop for information about the camping, cabins or come in just to see our Snakes, Turtles and Fish on display!

  • Current Lake Information.......If anyone has an immediate need to check the lake conditions you may sign on to the US Army Corps of Engineers "Daily Lake Information" web-site for Clinton Reservoir at:



If you miss us at the Park Office, remember you can still get a permit or license at the Entrance Booth or with one of our Campground Hosts.
The Entrance booth & our Campground Hosts are on their Winter Schedules!  So if you miss us here at the Park Office you can still buy a hunting / fishing license or other permits. 


Beach Restroom Improvements 10/2018 - The beach area is closed for the winter months.   You will notice that the brick shower building is gone and the center concrete canopy is the only thing in that space.   The canopy will be a new shelter/picnic area.  We will be getting a new restroom facility that will be placed near that structure.   We also will be adding a outdoor shower area and water fountain!   Look for those improvements to be completed before the 2019 summer season!  

Lake Henry -- The parking lot at Lake Henry is in dire need to be replaced.   We have been granted a park improvement grant to get it replaced soon.  10/2018

Site Improvement -- Great news! We have upgraded most of our utility campsites with NEW GRAVEL! The sites that needed leveling the most were first to receive this improvement.  1/20/2016 & 4/12/17 & 10/2017

Campground Electricity Improvement ---  in March of 2016 Kaw Valley Electric Company added in new electricity lines and update/upgrade existing lines in Campground #3.   

NEW SHOWER BUILDING IN CAMPGROUND #1 OPEN....  As of 2/4/15  the new shower house/restroom in the South East corner of campground #1 is ready for business! It features a Men's and Women's restroom facility in the front of the building and 4 separate shower rooms in the back of the building. 3 single showers and 1 ADA accessible.   This building is winterized and will be open Year Round!

ARCHERY RANGE UPDATED EQUIPMENT - 11/2016 - We added archery target backdrops & frames to our Archery Range. In 04/2018 - We added new target backdrops and three new frames to total 6 targets.   Two at 20 yards, Two at 40 yards and Two at 60 yards!  The Archery Range is located near the entrance of Campground #1. Open Year Round! NO Broadhead Arrows Allowed!!! All you need is your own equipment and a vehicle permit to have sunup to sundown access to the Archery practice area. Enjoy!.


TROUT SEASON!  Trout season is November 1 to April 15. Lake Henry is stocked on a regular basis during trout season. Lake Henry is our 3 acre stocked pond that is located just South of the Park Office. Dates of future stockings at Lake Henry can be found by following the link below.

REMEMBER.... You have to have a vehicle permit, fishing license and a trout stamp to fish in Lake Henry during trout season even if you aren't fishing for trout. Just in case you catch one!

If you don't have a trout stamp for this year, you can get one here at the Park Office or Entrance Booth!!  If you miss us you can purchase your trout stamp at the Clinton Marina, your local Walmart stores in the Sporting Goods department or online at

A common question that we get asked is "If I want to fish at Lake Henry during trout season (Nov. 1 - April 15) but I'm not fishing for trout, do I still have to have a Trout Stamp?"

The Answer..... Yes! Although there are many different species of fish in Lake Henry. (Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Large Mouth Bass, White Crappie, Black Crappie, Green Sunfish and Trout (Stocked during season), if you are fishing during the trout season, you must have a trout stamp!   They do this in case you do catch trout. If you are caught with a trout on your line or in your possession and you do not have the stamp then you will be in violation and will be ticketed for it.      Good luck!!!!     Happy Fishing!


The 15th Annual OK Kids Day was on August 11, 2018 (Outdoor Kansas for Kids)   

OK Kids Day on 8/11/18 was a huge success! Put this annual free kids program on your calendar.   8/10/19 is the date!   Contact us to register your kids.

We were able to share our love of fishing with 120 participants in attendance along with their parents / grand parents / families. We estimate that there were at least 200 people there.

48 Fish were caught!  

A big thank you to the 18 volunteers that were there to help keep everything moving smoothly!

A special Thank you - Boy Scout Troop 63, Fisheries Biologist, Richard Sanders & LE Lieutenant, Brad Hageman, our Fishing's Future Family and MANY MORE for your assistance!

ARCHERY - This year we had 78 kids participate and around 80 of their parents / family to cheer them on! Face Painting booth & Snow Cone truck was a HUGE hit!

Animal Program - 87 Kids in attendance with their families! Thank you to Gary Keehn for bringing some special animal friends. We all had an amazing time learning about Kansas Animals!

Check out the pictures on our Facebook Page!
The next OK Kids Day is August 10, 2019....   Be sure to pass along the information to anyone who would like to have fun at a Fishing Derby, practicing Archery or see live Animals on display as we talk about our "Snakes and Scales and Turtle Tales".   All programs are FREE with FREE entrance into the park that day!   Prize Goodie Bags for the first 100 and Drawings at each event!  Please Pre-Register by contacting the Park Office via phone 785/842-8562  or by emailing with the child’s name and date of birth.    Hope to see you there!
Summer Camping fees as of April 1 - Oct. 31st..............    

Tent Camping - $10.00/night per tent or camping unit.

30 amp & water site is $21.00/night   

50 amp & water site is $23.00/night   

(please add the additional $3.00 one time processing fee that is charged per stay.)


2016 Event Re-caps and other information......

OK Kids Day was a HUGE success!  Our 13th Annual Outdoor Kansas for Kids Day was on Saturday, August 13th. We had record numbers of children out with their parents and grandparents for fishing, practicing archery and enjoying our Naturalist Animal Programs. 

At the morning Fishing Derby we had 84 little anglers that ranged from 2 to 16 years old.  After KDWPT Fisheries Biologist, Richard Sanders talked about fishing safety and fish identification we set them out in search of the “big one”.  We had winners for the Biggest Fish Caught, Smallest Fish Caught, the one who caught the Most Fish, the one who caught Different Kinds of fish along with the Weirdest thing that was caught (a little turtle who liked worms apparently).    We had 2 additional winners for a special drawing we did for kids that were fishing for the very first time!     Thanks to generous donations that were collected before the event, each child was given a little back pack full of prizes.   They then went through our Hot Dog station for their free sack lunch.  Also at the Derby we had Phil Taunton from Fishing’s Future put up his Critter Camp information and he ran a Backyard Bass Game area for those who wanted to practice casting.    That turned out to be quite a blessing for those who didn’t have a lot of patience to wait for the fish to come to them. 

At the afternoon Archery Target Program we borrowed the Archery in the School’s equipment trailer with all the supplies to set up five stations.   Everyone took turns shooting 5 arrows a piece for each turn that they took.   Thank you to Archery Instruction / NRO Ranger Jeff Zeiler and Archery Instructor/Park Manager, Todd Lovin from Tuttle Creek State Park for bringing your knowledge and patience.   We had 77 Kids participate along with some of their parents.   Fun was had by all!  There were conversations overheard in the spectator area from first timers that archery is now their favorite activity.  We had drawings for first timers and for those who pre-registered and then they were all given a bag full of goodies to take home.

In the evening we put together two Animal Naturalist Programs – “The Night Shift” put on by Gary Crain, a volunteer from Operation Wildlife and our “Snake Scales and Turtle Tales” program given by Sherri Withers, Admin. Specialist/NAI Guide.  Gary brought out 4 different species of Owls that he was able to share.  Attendees learned the hunting habits and adaptive characteristics of the birds shown.  Sherri talked about the 5 different species of turtles and 3 different snakes that are kept on display at the Clinton State Park Office.   There were approximately 80 attendees that stayed for both programs.  We had drawings for those who pre-registered and a special drawing that those who were able to attended.   For each event they participated in they got an extra chance to win.    After all the fun and festivities we gave each child a little backpack of goodies.    Of course “Slick” the Coach Whip snake was a big hit again this year.   Kids and Adult alike were able to hold him so they can get their photo taken.  It’s amazing to me the number of people that we have who at the start of our presentation are scared to be near a snake, turn out to be the ones we have to beg to get him back from.  I think that is my favorite thing about doing programs. 

They all had a blast and we got many compliments and promises that they would definitely come back next year!  


Our 3rd Annual First Day Hike was a huge success!   1/1/16 - 145 in attendance plus some of their little furry friends!  

First Day Hikes were held in many state parks in Kansas and across the country. This year's First Day Hike, the third year running we have held it at Clinton State Park, was an incomparable success. The total tally of hikers was a whopping 145! It was by far the largest hiking group we have had so far. We had a wide variety of people in that 145, ranging from children and dogs all the way up to some folks in their retirement years.

With this large group, we took hikers ...up Bunker Hill, through our newly renovated Disk Golf Course, and finally through the cross country ski trail. It was a perfect day for this time of year - the sun was out, the wind was mild, and the temperature moderate. The group took two interpretive stops, one to discuss the history of Bunker Hill and another to discuss why many oak trees keep their leaves through the winter.

All together everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, myself included! I would like to take a moment to remind any hikers we had on the trails with us last Friday, to remember to come back for our Second Sunday Hikes! Meet at the state park office at 1 pm, and we hope to see many of you there!

Due to the weather we were unable to have a First Day Hike in 2018.



YOUR CAMP SITE.... Each numbered campsite has gravel surface parking, includes a picnic table and a fire ring!

FIRE RING............ Fire Ring’s are half open for a campfire and other half with a grill that raises & lowers. You’ll have to bring your own charcoal or “duralog” to burn. Because of the Emerald Ash Borer found near our county (Douglas) we will only allow firewood from local sources. You may forage in the wooded area near your campsite for dead and fallen wood if you have trouble locating firewood. NO Chainsaws! The Clinton Marina ( or 785/749-3222) and some of the local convenience stores sometimes carry bundles of wood for around $5.00.

MAPS.................... Visit the Gallery (camera icon on our parks home page) to see copies of the campground maps with site numbers and types of sites listed.      We also have pictures, maps and detailed information on our face book page.   

If you would like to see a picture of the actual sites - Paste the URL address listed below into your search browser.
Just click on the site number. (Just FYI - Some of these pictures were taken in late fall. You may not get the "complete" picture of what it will look like, but the "jest" of it.)


RESERVATIONS FOR CAMPING April - September 2019 may be done via on December 15, 2018.


ZEBRA MUSSELS FOUND IN CLINTON RESERVOIR - TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has confirmed the presence of zebra mussels in Clinton Reservoir in Douglas County. An adult population was discovered by KDWPT fisheries staff during routine fish sampling activities, and a subsequent survey of other locations around the lake indicated the population was widespread. Twenty-two Kansas lakes have now been confirmed to have zebra mussels. Other reservoirs in northeast Kansas with zebra mussel infestations include Milford, Perry, John Redmond and Melvern.

For information about Clinton Reservoir, visit

For information about Clinton State Park and Wildlife Area, visit and click on State Parks.


Our Venomous Snakes have a new home. As many of you know for the Since 1997 we've housed three of the most common venomous snakes found on our area. The Timber Rattlesnake, Copperhead and Massasauga Rattlesnake. On 11/13/13 they were donated to the Fort Hays State University Sternberg Museum of Natural History. If your travels takes you out that way, stop in and visit them.


Our State Park IS open year round for camping.

For stays April - September you may make your own reservation by visiting the website.  Type in our zip code of 66049 to find us the fastest.   Reservations for stays October - March can still be made, just contact us here at the Park Office (Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 p.m.). Payment for your stay will be due at the time of your reservation. 785/842-8562 --------------

Our State Park is located on an 80-foot bluff, so the camping is not near the water, but access to the water may be obtained. In addition to camping facilities, we have a beach area, 4 boat ramps, fish cleaning station, 20 miles of hiking/biking trails, picnic area, 6 shelters, archery range and the Clinton Marina is located here at the State Park. Sites in both campgrounds are flanked by wooded areas on at least 3 sides. (So plenty of shade to go around.) Most sites in either campground are large enough to accommodate up to 70 Ft. trailer.

WINTER MONTHS...   Water at Camp Sites shut off in Mid October to Mid November (weather permitting), but WATER is still available for FREE at Frost Free Hydrants, a dump station and a Shower House in each campground.  When you arrive, set up a camping unit in the site of your choice and then check-in & pay at the Park Office, with a Camp Host or use the selfpay station if you arrive after hours.

We have almost 400 campsites and 7 cabins. If you would like set-up your customer profile to help expedite the check-in procedure or make a reservation for a cabin stay, please visit Type in 66049 to find us the fastest.

Reservations to CAMP may be done for stays from April – September may be made. (If you would like a specific site from October 1 - March 31st . and it is a reserveable site, you may contact the Park Office to make your reservation.)

Reservations for CABINS may be done up to a year in advance.

Both Camp Hosts are available to take camping fees or sell permits and licenses in year round. See hours listed below...


Entrance Booth Hours are listed above.  The booth will be staffed for your convenience to purchase daily & annual vehicle permits, annual camping permits, hunting/fishing licenses, Trout Stamps etc.. They do accept: Cash, Check with ID, Visa, Master Card and Discover Credit Cards as payment.
Camp Host Hours - Available to take your camping fees, other hunting / fishing licenses and permits. They can also accept: Cash, Check with ID, Visa, Master Card and Discover Credit Cards as payment.
REMEMBER..... To expedite the check-in procedure please go to and CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOMER PROFILE. Camping on any site, requires us to enter your account information and payment into our new reservation system. The internet connect at Camp Host sites isn't what we'd like and sometimes it may take a few minutes to navigate through all of the screens of the program. Creating your own profile ahead of time saves us all time so you can get started with your fun right away!

Set up your Customer Profile @ We encourage you to go the reservation site to make a reservation OR to setup your customer profile. All camping done in the state park must be entered into this new system. (Reservations AND Walk-in Sites) By having this step done ahead of time, you'll make the check-in procedure much faster. Type in our zip code - 66049 to find us the fastest when making a reservation.


PLAYGROUND IN CG#3 We installed a new playground in the Fall of 2011 and swing set in spring of 2013 in the campground. It's ready for climbing and FUN!

Come let us help you have a wonderful time @ Clinton Lake!


PRICING.... The reservation system adds $3.00 to every transaction made when entering in camping fees. To offset this change the Department has lowered your Camping and Utility Cost.

Daily Vehicle permit is $5.00/day

Camping is $10.00/per camping unit 

30 amp sites with water are an additional $11.00 (We have water available year round - same price year round.)

We do have 75 campsites with 50 amp service. The extra amp charge is $2.00/day ($13.00 total per day for regular utility charge and 50 amps.) No Charge from Oct. 1st to March 31st.

Add up the fees above for the services you'll require and the additional $3 one time transaction fee to get your total for your stay.

Please see the Gallery for maps and pictures!



Campground information

Clinton State Park offers 387 improved campsites located in two campgrounds, 240 have water and electricity, the rest are primitive. Regular utility sites have 30amp service while "Prime Sites" have 50amp electric available. Campsites vary in size from smaller primitive campsites, 20'x40' to the larger Prime Sites, 30'x70'. All are outfitted with picnic tables and campfire rings or BBQ grills. As in most campgrounds some sites offer more shade than others, but most are in or near the tree line. The campgrounds at Clinton were built on high bluffs well above the shoreline. This type of development protects the areas from flooding, but makes lake access directly from the campsites difficult if not impossible.

Reservations may be made by visiting (Type in our Zip Code of 66049 to find us the fastest!) The interactive web-site that will provide detailed descriptions and pictures of individual campsites. Sites in both campgrounds may be reserved. All others are on a first come first service basis. Reservations are convenient and guarantee an available campsite, but not particularly necessary except on major holidays. (Reserving on a holiday requires a 5 night stay.)

And there's plenty to do while you're here.


The park has over 25 miles of multi-use recreation trails, hiking and mountain biking. It is frequently said Clinton offers some of the most technically challenging and physically demanding mountain bike trails in the mid-west.

To round out the biking experience we offer a "Mountain Bike Skills Course". It's a virtual playground for the more technically skilled biker. Similar to a trials course it provides the opportunity to test your finesse with a bit of a thrill as a bonus. Views of the beautiful lake, shoreline and surrounding lands make your hike or bike workout a real sensory treat.

Or, if a leisurely hike or walk is more your taste there are miles of paved road to accommodate you, or a 3/4 mile self guided nature trail through the prairie.

So as not to leave out the "alternative trail enthusiast" we offer a five mile cross country ski trail that's a unique Kansas experience when mother nature cooperates.


The park has one of the only outdoor archery ranges in the area. Six shooting lanes with soft targets at 20, 40 and 60 yards offer the chance to hone your skills at "target shooting" or for that all important pre-hunting season tune up for you or your equipment.

Disc Golf - IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.....  

There is a disc golf course located in the park. A 11 hole course with some very challenging tee shots, fairways and greens. It's literally carved through the timber and prairie so, you had better have a keen eye and good spotters or plenty of discs to spare.   We have a designated parking area located near the start / finish of the course.  It's located just past the first dump station after campground #1.   Take the gravel road just past that area and you'll see the parking lot just past that on your right.   At the information stand in the parking area you can get a course map with a score card on the back. 

The Water

Clinton Reservoir has some of the most beautiful water in Kansas, clear, clean and always ready for your boating or fishing fun. A day on Clinton Lake is never a disappointment. Sixteen boat ramp lanes, eight courtesy docks and lighted parking areas make the access a breeze.

If big water fishing isn't your thing there are two smaller ponds in the park. "Lake Henry" is a quiet secluded four acre pond built in the 1940's with healthy populations of sunfish, largemouth bass and channel catfish. And during the trout season its well stocked with trout. The "Prairie Pond" a 3/4 acre kid's only fishing pond stocked with sunfish and channel catffish that guarantees fun for the little fisherman in your group.

You may want to cool off at the beach too. The park has a sand beach and swimming area. It's part of the lake so feel free to moor your boat outside the buoy line or take the trail from the parking lot and get wet.

No commentary on Clinton Lake would be complete without a word about the "Clinton Lake Marina". Located in the state park it's one of the finest marinas in the country. Annual and daily rental boat slips, secure dry storage, a retail shop, boat rentals and a deli round out the operation. The marina is neat and clean it's well kept and professionally operated, you won't find a better selection to fit your boating needs or friendlier service anywhere.


As of April 2013 we now have SEVEN cabins available to reserve.... Chicken Creek, Camp Creek, Deer Creek, Coon Creek, Washington Creek, Elk Creek and Wakarusa River Cabins sit atop a high bluff overlooking Clinton Reservoir with a view as far as the eye can see. From the front porch the vistas are stunning; as miles of rugged timbered shoreline roll on beautiful sunsets illuminate a western skyline with Clinton Lake’s solitary “Pelican Island” centered in this breathtaking view.

Faux log siding, a large sitting porch and concrete parking and patio areas come together to create a homey yet rustic appeal. The spacious three room air conditioned and heated cabins offer all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay. Accommodations include a full service eat in kitchen, 3/4 bath and master bedroom. The One Bedroom cabin features the added pull down twin “Murphy bed” and fold out futon bed the cabin comfortably sleeps six people. Our Two Bedroom cabin (Wakarusa River) will sleep eight people comfortably and features a second bedroom with two sets of bunk beds. All you’ll need to complete the experience are your linens, bed pillows, bath towels, food and toiletries.

Check out the cabin reservation information, rates and procedures at (Type in our zip code of 66049 to find us the fastest.)

Please see the Gallery for maps and pictures! Or become a Face Book Fan!

BE SURE TO VISIT OUR PARK OFFICE 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. (Monday - Friday) or 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. (Saturdays in the summer months) TO SEE LIVE Kansas ANIMALS. We have several different varieties of snakes, turtles and fish to see.  Make a trip soon to our Park Office soon you can see a live specimen.

Please feel free to contact us at by phone at 785-842-8562; on the web at or via our e-mail address at if we can help any further. Thank you for your interest in Clinton State Park.