North Shore Trail

Trail Open: all season

Area Located: from Clinton dam west

GPS at Trailhead: 38.936083 -95.35325

GPS: 38.936083 -95.35325

Map of Location

Miles: 25

Type of trail: - Hiking
- Mt. Bike


The North Shore Trails run along the north shore of the lake, from the Overlook Park (Corp of Engineer's daily use area.) through the Clinton State Park.  The trails in this 23 mile system are single track, dirt hiking and biking trails with mile markers.  Each trail is blazed with Blue, White or Red (Shoreline) and connector trails are blazed with two colors corresponding to the trails being connected.   The North Shore Trails pass through an oak and hickory forest as it follows the lake shore. 

  • The Blue trail is 7.9 miles and runs closer to the shoreline or easier access to shore.  It's a easier maneuverable trail.  
  • The White Trail is 12.8 miles and is mostly used for the mountain biker with more inclines and small obstacles to maneuver around.
  • The Red Trail is 1.2 miles for the very advanced mountain biker.   Just enough room for your bike tire and little else in many areas of this stretch of trail.