Perry State Park

Due to a staffing shortage the Park Office may be closed during our regular business hours.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please leave a message on our machine and someone will get back with you as soon as they can.  If you need immediate assistance please call 1-620-672-5911 or contact the Region 2 Office in Topeka 785-273-6740.

2020 Seasonal Camping certain spots available starting March 1 2020.  Please call the Park office with any questions or concerns.

The barricades have been removed for access to Lake at both Lake View Boat Ramp and the North Boat Ramp.  Please use caution when driving to and in these areas.  The courtesy dock will not be pushed in at Lake View, but the CXT is open.  The North Boat Ramp’s CXT’s are unavailable due to damage from the high water.  Again please use caution in these areas as there may be safety hazards like shore and road erosion, loose pavement/rock, and shoreline debris.

The Park will remain open for Day Use and Camping. Daily vehicle permits and daily camping permits can be obtained at a self-pay station.  Please check Kiosk for pricing.

Most license and hunting & fishing permits can be purchased on line at or other vendors across the state.  Please check the website for these vendors.  You can make online reservations at or  If you need assistance for Perry State Park please call the office 785-246-3449.

Winter closures: All shower building facilities have been closed and winterized.   Dump stations are available, but have no water.   Campgrounds available with electricity only are Cottonwood Bridge, Eagle Landing, and the equestrian campground.  Cougar Pass campground has water and electricity, with signs posted to disconnect water hoses from hydrants due to freezing temperatures.  Construction upgrade in Lake View campground has begun so this campground is currently unavailable for use.  Two cabins are available throughout the winter months, exceptions made for additional cabin availability.

ALERT:   Construction is still going on at the Wild Horse Equestrian Campground and Day Use area will close AT 4:30  and will reopen at 8 AM  Please call the office if you have questions or concerns.

At this time we request that you stay off the Hickory Acres Horse Trials.  Please do not make new trails.  The most current trail maps are located on Let's Ride-- Perry Lake Facebook under files.

What is Closed:  Corp has stopped releasing water again, Lake is just below normal pool.  Hobie Cove, Pelican Point, Hideaway, Catfish Alley and Mulberry Grove (all primitive areas) are closed due debris and damage to roads

What is Available:  Eagle Landing (electricity only), Cougar Pass (water and electricity),  and Cottonwood Bridge (electricity only).  Lake View campground will be closed for construction not flooding issues.  Wild Horse Equestrian campground is available with electricity only.  Turkey run (no utilities) is available for primitive camping. Two cabins are available throughout the winter months, exceptions made for additional cabin availability. CXT (pit toilet) available near Lake View campground, south end.  We are going to open up the boat ramps, but will not push in the courtesy dock at Lake View due to extreme cold temps predicted and the fact that the dock will tear up the unstable parking lot.

Please use caution and wear brightly colored clothing (preferably ORANGE)when using all trials. Horse trails and bike trails also cross over into CORP of Engineers Land and there is walk in hunting on many parts of their property.

Regular Park Office hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - Noon (closed for lunch) and then 12:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Boat Registrations are done MON - FRI from  8:00 am to 3:30 pm ONLY

Park Vehicle permits are required when entering the state park campgrounds and day use areas. No matter how long you are staying or might just be driving though the Park.  All annual park permits are available at the park office. Also, be sure to inquire about the State Parks Passport at the time you register your vehicles through your County Treasurer's Office.  If the office and/or gatehouse is closed, one day camping and vehicle fees can be paid at the self pay stations or if the gatehouse is open.

The Kansas State Parks' Passport! The Kansas State Parks' Passport is available only during your Kansas motor vehicle registration process (new or renewal). It is available at a motor vehicle registration office, through the online vehicle registration site (www., or when renewing by mail. The parks' passport only costs $15.50 and is good for a full twelve months (one year) same as your vehicle registration. The passports are not transferable, they must be permanently affixed to the lower exterior corner of the driver's side of the windshield. The park passport expires the same day your vehicle registration expires. For more information, contact Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, Pratt Operations Office at 620-672-5911 or call your state park office. Don't miss out on this great opportunity - Get Your Kansas State Parks' Passport!

Boat registrations are also available at the park office. In order to register a newly acquired boat, be sure to bring a proper bill of sale containing an accurate Hull Identification Number and the KA assigned number or any other state's assigned number. Another tip when purchasing a boat from an individual, be sure the person you are buying the boat from is the current registered owner in KDWPT's system. Boat Registrations are only done Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Currently, a daily vehicle pass is $5.00 (Senior and disability is $3.25). Daily primitive camping is $10.00 per day per camp unit. If using a utility sites with electricity only it is $19.00 per day/utility sites with water and electricity are $21.00 -$23.00 per night.   A $3.00 transaction fee will apply for all utility sites and primitive camp sites. If you arrive when the office is closed, a self-pay station is available for vehicle and camping permits. The self-pay station is located in the parking lot of the main office. 2019 Annual Vehicle permits will be available at the park office for $25.00; Kansas Only Senior and Disabled 2019 Annual Vehicle permits are $13.75.  This is for a camp unit only, utilities and prime site rates still apply. All 2019 annual permits purchased at the park office expire December 31, 2019. The office is closed on weekends, so you are to pay for your sites at the gate house when open or at the self-pay station kiosks if you are staying one night only for the prime season (April - Oct).  The office season (Nov-Mar) you can pay for two days.  If you do not have a reservation during the prime season and are here with your camp unit; wanting to stay multiple nights please check in with the office the next day for availability and you can pay for your site. 

Remember - Report all Wildlife and Parks violations! Call Operation Game Thief at 1-877-426-3843.

The cabins at Perry State Park are open year round and reservations can be made online at or After April 1st the price for reserving a cabin on the weekends and holidays will be $110.00 per night with a minimum stay of two nights for the Hazelwood, Stonefield and Cottonwood cabins.  The Apache cabin will be $100.00 per night on the weekends and holidays with a two night minimum stay.  Sunday through Thursday, the cost to reserve a cabin will be $70.00 a night, with a two night minimum stay.  There is a reservation fee of $14.00.  If you have not tried staying in one of Perry’s cabins, consider coming out this spring/summer.

We have installed mileage markers on the Nature Trail in the park. The trail has been cleaned up and marked so you can record your distance and time in order to track your fitness level. If you can complete one mile in 14 minutes or less without discomfort, you are achieving a good fitness level. Learn more about "What's Your Mile?" and take the Healthy Kansas pledge at

Wild Horse Campground Area:

There is no water at the Wild Horse Campground due to a water leak.  The new bath house is up, but will not have water until next year, and construction has begun on the shelter.

Starting Sept 9th -Due to the construction at the Wild Horse Equestrian Campground and Day Use area Gate will be locked at 4:30 and will reopen at 8 AM 

ALERT: Wild Horse campground sites are limited to Equine campers only. You must have a horse at the site to camp.

At this time we request that you stay off the Hickory Acres Trails, due to the high water.

Wild Horse Campground area is open for primitive and utility (electricity and water) use. There are 16 utility sites available to equestrian campers only. You must have a horse at the site to camp at this campground. We have corrals at all the utility sites.   ALERT: Do not create new trails or trail heads as this causes confusion to riders and creates difficulties in mapping the trail areas. New trails can not be created without the consent and approval of the state park and the Corp of Engineers. For an updated map of the trails go to FACEBOOK "Let's Ride--Perry Lake" under files.

DESTINATION POINT ON ROCKY TOP TRAILS:  There is a destination point on the Rocky Top Trails dedicated to Andy Baux.  The place is called "Andy's Overlook" and is a place where trail riders can stop for a rest, enjoy a nice break with lunch and take in a view of Perry Lake.  We thank Andy for recognizing this area as a serene place to rest, relax and take in the beauty of nature.  Many thanks to Ed Jarvis for his work to make this destination point happen for Andy.

And as always, many thanks go out the all the volunteers of the Friends of Perry Lake Wild Horse Trails.  Perry State Park is quickly becoming a premier equestrian destination. 

We will keep the Port-A-Pot in the campground for patron's convenience.

Try out the new free Pocket Ranger® app to use as the Official Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism Guide at


DUE to KDHE Lagoon Inspections the Fish cleaning station is still closed.  We can no longer dump the fish bones etc. into the Lagoon.  Accumulation of the bones, skins and other parts over the years have made the lagoon inoperable. We are waiting for permission to move the station and have the bones etc. discharge out into the lake.  Unfortunately this takes time and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Daily vehicle and camping permits can be obtained by using the self-pay station north of this office, at the Campground Entrance, at the Bike Trails and at the North Boat Ramp. 

Individual camp sites with numbers have been established in Hobie Cove campground in order to control the number of individuals camping in that particular primitive campground area. Hobie Cove now has numbered posts for the thirty camp sites in the campground area. Only three camp units will be permitted per camp site for a family or group. Appropriate fees will apply to each of the camp units.  A child's tent is free but will count as one of the three camp units. Each site will have one picnic table and one fire ring. Once the designated sections are filled, individuals will be directed to camp in other primitive campgrounds in the state park. (Currently Hobie Cove is closed due to the flooding)

Upcoming Special Events:   

2020 Seasonal Camping - Applications are available for seasonal camping at Perry State Park for the 2020 season starting Dec 16 2019.  Applications were mailed out to those who participated last year and those that had requested a interest..  Deadline for the completed applications to be returned is Tuesday January 21 2020 (postmarked, hand delivered or emailed no later than 4:00 PM on January 22 2018).  The drawing will be held January 27 2020 at 10:00 AM at the Park Office.  The Drawing is open to the public.  Please call the Park office with any questions or concerns.

See the calendar of events posted for Perry State Park

LAKE LEVEL INFORMATION:  The lake level at Perry Lake as of 1/22/2020.  Normal lake level is 891.50 and the current lake level is 890.40.  For additional and up-to-date lake information go to

For more information about Perry State Park or if you have any questions, please feel free to call the park office at 785-246-3449 or e-mail us at Have a safe and enjoyable visit at Perry State Park.