Webster News

Park office will be close 12/22/22 thru 1/2/23

Monday - Friday     8 am to 4 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Webster State Park Phone number is 785-425-6775.

Reservations for the 2023 Camping season are open.  You can make reservations online at www.reserveamerica.com or www.kshuntfishcamp.com or through the CampIt KS app on your cell phones.   You can purchase your annual camp and annual vehicle permits online, calling the office or coming into the office.   Please call us at 785-425-6775 for any reservation questions. 

All shower houses are closed for the winter.  If you do camp please disconnect your hose from the hydrant at night or during the day if below freezing.


To check on the daily water level elevations, click on the link below for the US Bureau of Reclamation Webster Reservoir current data website.


Current lake elevation: 1882.88
Conservation: 1892.4
Inflow:      0 cfs
Outflow:  0 cfs

We have been given permission on a trial basis to allow QUIET generators in the primitive camping areas during quiet hours from 11pm to 6am.This does not mean you can bring any generator out to the lake and run it all night. QUIET generators will be allowed to be used only if the decibel reading is 60 decibels or lower at 60 feet away from the generator in all directions. You might be asking how do I know if my generator will be allowed? All you need to do is download a decibel meter on your smart phone and you can find out if your generator will work.