Little Jerusalem 1-18

Location: Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

Type: Off Trail Hike

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Contact: Sara Kay Carrell

Phone No: 620-872-2061 or

Time: 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Other Information:

Space is limited on tours. Spaces must be reserved. I try for the tours to not be too much larger than 15-ish people. Please make your plans and email to reserve a spot! Hikes down in the rocks will be approximately 1.5 hours. Please plan for about a 2 hour timeframe to allow for time to hike back to the parking lot!.

Please remember that an annual vehicle pass or a daily vehicle pass are necessary to enter the park. There is a SELF PAY station available at LJBSP. Cash or check only. No change is available. If you do not have an annual pass, the daily vehicle fee is $5.00 per vehicle.

Come to Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park and enjoy an off trail guided hike lead by a park naturalist! Be prepared for rough hiking, uneven terrain, and scrambling thru grass and brush. Wear boots or footwear that covers the feet. Bring water, a snack, binoculars, and a hiking stick! Please do not underestimate the terrain. During the summer, it is HOT down in the canyons. The rock formations do a great job of blocking the wind, so BE PREPARED for temperatures to be 10+ degrees warmer during the hike in the rocks! During the winter, it can be pretty chilly in the rock formations! The winds are predominantly North or Northwest winds, which means the wind whips right thru the canyon bottoms and can chill us down!

We will start at the Life on the Rocks trail head and venture off in a direction that will take us off into the bottoms of the rock formations. Once at the base of the rocks, we will explore the various nooks, crannies, and spires of Little Jerusalem's Niobrara chalk formations. Along the way, we learn about the grasses, forbs, mammals, reptiles, insects, geology, and other great things that nature presents to us.  Be prepared for rough hiking, uneven terrain, ups and downs, and scrambling thru grass and brush. No set path is followed! So be ready for an adventure! It is an intermediate level hike/terrain. We hike at a moderate pace with stop and go to learn, talk, ask questions, and take photos.

Meeting location for the hike will be at The Ramada Overlook! Don't worry, it's easy to locate, as the parking lot area is not very big!

**Hikes will be cancelled by inclement weather!** If it is snowing, blizzarding, freezing rain, raining, lightning, or any other unsafe weather brought on by Mother Nature, all activities will be canceled at Little Jerusalem. Scott City and Oakley are the closest towns to search for weather on National Weather Service. Please call the Historic Lake Scott office for the latest update on weather cancellations, 620-872-2061