Sedan City Lake South (new) Fishing Information

Sedan City Lake South (new) Map
This Location does have Boat Access
37.15211 -96.20802
Surface Acres:
70 acres
Maximum Depth:
Normal Lake Level:
Current Lake Level:

Sedan, KS

2.5 miles N of Sedan on K-99

City of Sedan 620-725-4033

Sedan New Lake boat ramp

Sedan New City Lake boat ramp

Sedan New Lake feeder

Sedan New City Lake fish feeder

Sedan New Lake trail

Sedan New City Lake trail head to Old City Lake

 Sedan New City Lake is located on the western edge of the unique Chautauqua Hills region in southeast Kansas. The area around the lake is characterized by sandstone covered hills, the tops of which are covered with Blackjack Oak trees. The lake's drainage basin consists of 4,499 acres of similar topography, but also includes some grassland covered Osage Quests ecotone. This helps to maintain the 36 inches of average water transparency. The lake is located one and one-half miles north of Sedan, Kansas on highway 99, then one half mile east. Construction of the lake was completed in 1964 for the purposes of flood control, civic water supply, and recreation. Sedan no longer uses the lake as its water supply.

The 70 acre lake is surrounded by 600 acres of City owned and managed property and also contains another lake, Sedan Old City Lake, above. Amenities at the New City Lake include two paved boat ramps, a wooden pier, vault toilet, picnic area, and a trap range. A solar powered automatic fish feeder was added in 2009. The Sedan Police Department patrols the lake regularly and closes the gate at night. These efforts are evidenced by the cleanliness of the lake.

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