Bone Creek Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method & Location
Bluegill / Redear Sunfish  Good  6-10 inches Bluegill and redear sunfish, or "shellcrackers", can be found lakewide near the shoreline. Anglers should focus their efforts along the shoreline in depths less than 6' deep near submerged trees and edges of aquatic vegetation. Areas to pursue will be on the north and south ends of the dam, coves, and rocky habitats. A bobber and worm, fly rod with small flies, and 1/16 ounce jig with a twister tail will be good baits to try. During the spring and early summer months, redear sunfish and bluegill will build nests during the spawn and can provide a memorable angling experience. 
Channel catfish  Good  15-32 inches The channel catfish population is flourishing across all sizes and anglers may just find the rod tip bending and the drag peeling on their next fishing trip to Bone Creek. Anglers should focus on flats in the fall and winter months where the gizzard shad congregate, if utilizing a boat, in 12-14'. Anglers from the shoreline should focus on the coves, both the north and south side of the dam, and the handicap access on the south side of the lake near the boat ramp. Prepared baits, shrimp, chicken liver, and shad will be good baits to try. Fall sampling indicated a variety of sizes of channel catfish with 14% of the population above 28", so be sure to set the drag loose and experience the chance at reeling in a trophy channel catfish at Bone Creek. 
Crappie  Fair 8-14 inches Lots of submerged trees, high water clarity, and adequte forage.... the perfect recipe for a crappie population to flourish! Crappie can be found at Bone Creek in a variety of habitats. Anglers should focus on submerged trees that are in 15-20' that are in close proximity to depth changes, or creek channels. There are a variety of coves that will hold crappie during the spawn in the spring time. Live minnows under a bobber, spinners, or 1/8-1/16 ounch jigs with twister tails will all be good options. Fall sampling indicated a successful spawn and strong year class of Age-0 crappie, as well as crappie up to 14". 
Largemouth bass  Good  15-21 inches Bone Creek provides a high quality largemouth bass angling experience. They can be found lakewide in a variety of habitats that are available at Bone Creek. Anglers should focus on the edges of vegetation that can be found along the shoreline and coves, as water begins to warm up this spring. There is an abundance of submerged trees in a range of depths that will also hold fish. The water clarity will affect fishing, depending on time of day, so don't hesitate to fish the trees that can be found in deeper water. Casting swimbaits, jigs, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits will be your best bet. Don't hesitate to throw the classic "ned rig" in the summertime when fish will be deeper and provide a chance at a strike. 
Saugeye   Good  16-22 inches

Saugeye were stocked in Bone Creek in 2013. Since then, the saugeye population has established and provides another sportfish opportunity for anglers. They are managed under a 18" and daily creel of 2. Fall sampling provided that there is a high percentage of fish in the 19-24" range. Saugeye can be found on flats of 10-14 ft that is near deeper water of 20 feet and deeper at this time of the year. Any depth changes, or structure, will hold fish and can be caught by a variety of methods, such as trolling or vertical jigging. 

The minimum length for Saugeye at Bone Creek is 18 inches and a daily creel of 2 fish per day! Please take precaution in measuring Saugeye that you catch. It is critical as these fish are establishing a population. 

General Comments

Water Temperature: 65° F, 5/10/2021

Remember to continue to practice social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Continuing to practice social distancing will ensure we can keep our public fishing access points open for everyone.

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Be sure to Clean, Drain, and Dry your boat, bait buckets, and recreational watercraft before and after launching your boat. It is important to remove your drain plug on your watercraft upon departure to drain live wells and water inside of your boat; it will protect our natural resources in Kansas for current anglers and future generations to enjoy. Eurasian watermilfoil is an invasive aquatic vegetation that can be found in nearby water bodies. Be sure to inspect your boat, boat trailer, and bait buckets prior to launching at Bone Creek to prevent the spread. Zebra mussels, white perch, and asian carp are all invasive species that can be found in Kansas. Be sure to stay up to date on information regarding Aquatic Nuisance Species. 

If you would like to provide a fishing report for Bone Creek Lake, don't hesitate to contact Connor Ossowski, District Fisheries Biologist, at (620) 231-3173.