Neosho State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method & Location
Bluegill/Redear    Good        6-9 inches                                                                                     Anglers, whether catching for bait, for fun, or for the frying pan, should focus their efforts on the upper end of the lake on the north side on the jetties, east and west coves, and the lower end near the dam along the jetties. A bobber and worm, a 1/16 ounce jig with a small twister tail, or a fly rod with a small fly are all good options to try in water less than 6'. There is a high quality panfish opportunity for anglers to bring the family out and enjoy the scenery at Neosho State Fishing Lake.
Warmouth Fair 7-10 inches Anglers can find warmouth primarily near rocky habitats, such as jetties. The same tactics for bluegill and redear sunfish can be used to catch warmouth, such as a small hook tipped with a worm under a bobber, fly rod with small flies, and 1/16-1/32 ounce jigs. 
Channel catfish  Good 15-24 inches Channel catfish can be found throughout all portions of the lake. Boat anglers can focus their efforts on the flats of 10-12', coves, and the brushpiles located on the southwest corner of the lake. Shoreline anglers can focus their efforts on the rock jetties throughout the entire lake, however the jetties on the southwest side of the lake are in close proximity of brushpiles that may congregate channel catfish. Prepared baits, shrimp, chicken liver, and shad will be your best options to try. 
Flathead catfish Fair All sizes Flathead catfish can be caught on live bait, or fresh cut bait, near brushpiles and flats. Brushpiles are located on the southwest corner of the lake. Flathead catfish will move up to the shallows in the morning, evening, and at night, so fishing off the jetties with a bobber and live bait would be a good tactic to try. 
Crappie    Good 8-13 inches Anglers can focus their efforts on brushpiles, which are located on the lower end on the southwest corner of the lake, drop offs and changes in depth located in close proximity to jetties, and coves. 1/8-1/16 ounce jigs with twister tails or tipped with a minnow, live minnows, worms, and small spinners are all good baits to try. 
Largemouth bass   Good 12-19 inches Anglers can focus on jetties, if fishing from the shore, where brushpiles are in close proximity. Fishing the edges of aquatic vegetation that is located near the shore can hold largemouth bass in wait to ambush prey that utilize the aquatic vegetation for forage and refuge. Jetties are located on the north end as well as the east and west sides of the lake. Baits include spinnerbaits, top-water lures, plastic worms, and live bait under a bobber are all tactics for anglers to pursue. 
General Comment

Water Temperature: 68° F, 5/10/2021

Remember to continue to practice social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Continuing to practice social distancing will ensure we can keep our public fishing access points open for everyone.

A habitat enhancement project was conducted in spring of 2020 with over 250 cedar trees being submerged and 27 new brushpile locations being added. You can find the GPS coordinates at the following link by opening the "Complete Online Map":

As District Fisheries Biologists, we send out a newsletter to inform anglers of fish sampling result, aquatic outreach events, fish stockings, and habitat improvement projects, for example. We have a spring and fall edition of our newsletters that you can subscribe to. This is sent directly to your email. If you would like to stay up to date on what is happening on Neosho State Fishing Lake (Lake McKinley), Crawford State Fishing Lake (Farlington Lake), Bone Creek Lake, CFAP and FISH properties, and the Mined Land Wildlife Area strip pits, you can subscribe to the Pittsburg District Newsletter at the following link: 

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism fisheries staff recently undertook a project to produce lake maps, or bathymetric maps, for public waters statewide. The lake map for Neosho State Fishing Lake can be found at the following link: This link will provide you with a link for all bathymetric lake maps for the state of Kansas. Scroll down to find Neosho State Fishing Lake. This will allow for anglers to view the depths of the lake to choose different habitats and lake features to fish for different species, year-round. You will also find current GPS locations of habitat structures placed by KDWPT fisheries staff to easily input into your sonar unit, or find if you are fishing from shore. 

Be sure to Clean, Drain, and Dry your boat, bait buckets, and recreational watercraft before and after launching your boat. It is important to remove your drain plug on your watercraft upon departure to drain live wells and water inside of your boat; it will protect our natural resources in Kansas for current anglers and future generations to enjoy. Zebra mussels, white perch, and asian carp are all invasive species that can be found in Kansas. Be sure to stay up to date on information regarding Aquatic Nuisance Species. 

If you would like to provide a fishing report for Neosho State Fishing Lake, don't hesitate to contact Connor Ossowski, District Fisheries Biologist, at (620) 231-3173.