Toronto Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
channel catfish good

2% 11"-16"

24% 16"-24"

50% 24"-28"

24% 28"-36"

Use a worm, stink bait, or shad sides on mud flats and windy shoreline.
white bass good

16% 6"-9"

18% 9"-12"

34% 12"-15"

32% 15"-18"

0% 18"+

Use plastic jig, imitation shad, or spinner on windy shoreline and trolled on mud flats in evenings. Watch for white bass chasing schools of shad along the shoreline. 
white crappie good

32% 5"-8"

7% 8"-10"

42% 10"-12"

17% 12"-15"

2% 15"+

Use a jig or minnow on windy shoreline.  Fish are also on deep brush piles and north side of Duck Island. 
General Comments


Link to USACE reservoir water level:

Size structures are from 2022 October test netting and 2021 May electrofishing for largemouth bass. No bass electrofishing occurred in 2022 due to high water.

To view a map of Toronto Reservoir brush piles, copy this file into Google Earth and zoom into the reservoir. 

TORR brush piles 17 (OCTET-STREAM 1.74 kB)

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